Friday, September 30, 2005

Got a phone call this morning from a friend here in Split. A mutual friend of ours in the States died on Wednesday. They were really close.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dees ees prob-lum

Discovered something....something I am sure everyone around me knows all too well....I am WAY too easily distracted. Not only by people and things and stuff, but by my own thoughts at times. haha!! Anyway, today has been good....Oh! Look!! A shiny penny!!..............

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Woohoo! Registered for my Croatian class this morning and got the paper I need to apply for my visa....I hope it is the right one at least. Then went to coffee with a friend. She got here a few weeks ago. It was great to talk with her and I am looking forward to getting to know her more over the next several months. Then came to the has been busy. :) The yucko weather has a tendancy to make our business better. :) Keep it comin'! haha! However, my throat is still not back to normal.....should I be worried? No. I should take my vitamin C and drink lots of water. Tonight I'm going to dinner at the Hoyby's. Fun!! Looks like CSI is coming back on tonight. yippee!! It hasn't shown here in forever. The Miami & New York ones are okay, but they are not as good as the original. We shall watch it tonight and have fajitas. :) Just like old times.

Edit: Got to wear a sweater today, and one of my cool scarves. :) This may seem like a frivalous detail, but it is not, I assure you. It is an essential part of my quality decision to enjoy the fall and winter instead of dreading it. Sweaters. Scarves. Hot Cocoa. Positive attitude. Anyway, dinner was great as usual, hanging out with everyone.....Dinko came and another friend of mine. The kiddos are so cute!! Oh, found out CSI isn't on until 10:40pm. *cries* However, I think I shall stay up and watch it. heehee. :) Although, I should go to sleep before then because my throat hurts. *takes a bottle of vitamin C*


Woke up this morning to a grey sky and a slighty sore throat. Having minor difficulty swallowing properly, it feels like something is stuck....ok, that is kinda gross, but thats life. haha. It shall all go away very soon, right? This morning I will go and register for my Croatian class. Yay! I am very much looking forward to it starting in about two weeks. Gotta get my language skills back on track. My time in the states didn't really help with that, but no matter. All that said, I've decided to have a good day and enjoy life. :) *skips off to look for some roses to smell*

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Life is like a game of Skee Ball

Sometimes, I feel life is like a game of skee ball. "How is that?" you may be wondering....wonder no more....I shall tell you:

Life is like a game of skee ball. The air is filled with excitement....the sound of bells and buzzers, the aroma of popcorn and pizza, laughter and squeals of delight from the crowds of children all around. You place your two tokens into the slot with a nervous sense of anticipation. The lights atop the game flash. And then nothing. You push the "coin return" and try to push down the sense of panic that is creeping up your throat. The tokens fall out and you move to the next machine. Yes! This time you hear a sound that is music to your ears.....nine wooden balls roll into place. You pick up the first ball. With cat-like skill, you roll the ball - straight into the gutter. No worries, eight left. By the fifth ball you have only 80 points. But then ball #6 - jackpot! 50 points! Tickets! Another 50! More tickets!!! Then 30, then 10. You collect the tickets and count them franticly as you realize you need only 15 more tickets to get the giant over-stuffed teddy bear of your dreams. After searching in your pockets, you scrounge up two last tokens. One more game. You must play your best game of skee ball EVER. Sweat is pouring down your face and your hands are shaking as you insert your two last tokens. The lights, the sounds. You pick up the first ball. Gutter! Panic! Ball #2. 10 points. Better, but the panic grows. Ball #3. Gutter! Panic has won! You scoop up the wooden balls into your arms like a hungry squirrel and scramble up the ramp. With manical laughter you place the balls into the slot marked "50." Lights flashing. Bells ringing. Tickets streaming from the machine. Yes! That bear shall be yours!!! You think it is the high of winning, but suddenly you realize to your horror that you are being pulled from the ramp by a large black man with a t-shirt that says "Security." Before you can grab the tickets from the machine, he has whisked you away. You find yourself outside. Alone. Scared. Cold. Your jacket is still inside with your friends. Sitting down on the sidewalk you begin to cry. Tears stream down your face. Faintly you hear the sound of talking and laughter in the distance. So very distant. Head in your hands you ponder your life. Then someone calls your name. It is your best friend. With your jacket. Wiping the tears from your eyes, you stand up and put your jacket on while mumbling something about a stupid giant over-stuffed teddy bear. You shove out your hand and relinquish your remaining tickets for your friend to find something to get. Maybe some stupid erasers or a temporary tattoo. After a few minutes of moping around the parking lot, you see your friends exiting the building. Time to go. Another disappointment. But then as your friends draw nearer, you see it. Your best friend has the giant over-stuffed teddy bear. With a big smile on her face she hands him to you! Tears agian, but the good kind. She collected tickets from everyone to get the bear for you. You hug the bear. You hug her. Life is good.

Ich kenne nichts (Das so schon ist wie du)

Hmm....had something to write here, but then this song came on.....some rap is SO freakin annoying....i forgot everything....the mind-numbing beat has done its trick and numbed my mind. Let's hope it is over soon. Yes! It stopped. :) That playlist was pretty good up until that point. I am listening to Xavier Naidoo, he is a german guy. I first heard this song about two years ago when I happened upon the video. Then I didn't know who it was and after figuring out it was Xavier, I tried to download the song, but had problems with it. Last Friday, a friend of mine brought by a CD that has six different versions of the single! wooohooo!!! Now I can't decide which one I like more...the band edit or the radio edit...decisions, decisions. Yikes, just realized that the genre of this music is classified as "Rap & Hip Hop".....please don't hold that against me. haha!!

Let's recap the day thus far, I woke up after a nice sleep....well nice for the most part. Let me tell you what was not-so-nice....the fact that the phone rang at 2:40am and when I one was there. Yup, that sucks. Anway, was well on my way back into a deep sleep when the phone rang AGAIN at 3:10am. Needless to say I was none too pleased, but decided to answer it anyway. Again nothing. Argh! Then I tried to hang up, but it stayed connected. All of a sudden there was somebody speaking some foreign language. It was a sort of recorded message and kinda freaked me out since I was not really awake nor expecting anything. Even though I didn't have the receiver up to my ear, I am pretty sure it was not croatian. So, that was fun. NOT. At that point, I shut the ringer off and went back to bed. (note to self: remember to turn the ringer back on when I get home tonight) Got online to do my bible study. Then got distracted. (BIG shock) Anyway, finished the bible study and got ready. Went to the cafe to pick up some documents then headed over to the Croatian Health Insurance office. Where I waited in line to talk to the lady who told me I have to register at this other place first. She gave me a list of what I needed to do, so that was good. However, I don't know what everything on the list is, will have to enlist someone's help to figure it out. Anyway, after that came to the cafe. It has been good....enough people, but not crazy busy. Although, crazy busy is nice sometimes. Yup, that is it. My life thus far today. How exciting! heehee.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm taking a vacation, from my problems

Do you know what movie that line is from? If you know, you shall earn a scooby snack. heehee.

Took the Condados to the airport this fine monday morning. All went well and they are flying their way back to the states as I type. That is the first time in a long time that I got up before the sun. It was cool watching the sunrise over the mountains as I drove back from the airport. Ok that is all for now because I am tired and need SLEEP!!!

A few of my favourite things.....

ok, so, yes i should be sleeping.....and i was sort of....and then i had an inspiration for this post and started thinking and then was wide awake. haha! Anyway, they are not in any particular order, just how they come to me.....

1. sunsets
2. watching the sunrise in the mountains on a lake with my sister in my pajamas whilst drinking a latte....heehee
3. puppies!!!!!!!!!
4. holding a newborn baby
5. traveling to new places
6. laughing SO hard....and you can't stop....really, you can't, you try...but more laughter and tears, the good kind....and people are looking at you like you are a nut.....but still you laugh
7. talking to my sisters on the phone
8. accents of non-american native english english, irish, scottish, south african, australian, etc.
9. did i mention puppies???
10. swimming at night in the sea
11. being home alone....not ALL the time, but ya know....
12. running through sprinklers at night in a park
13. packages in the mail and letters too
14. little small doses haha!
15. listening to music i love
16. going for coffee with a good friend
17. airports
18. Colorado
19. Nestea.....peach flavoured
20. walking on grass in my bare feet
21. having breakfast with my parents
22. old Disney movies....I mean old school.....Cinderella, The Fox and the Hound, Bambi...etc.
23. speaking in another lanuage
24. hearing a song you like on the radio that you haven't heard in forever
25. the smell after it rains
26. fresh mountain air
27. wheel! of! fortune! heehee
28. Old school SNL....from my era
29. maps....and globes....and atlases

Friday, September 23, 2005

The needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before

Well, my trip to Zagreb was great fun and highly productive. I got to see the horse in the square. Went to Vencik's and had yummy ice cream. Even had mexican food. yay! :) Oh, and we picked all the songs...worked everything out (well, mostly), practiced...things are sounding good. We are both excited about it and look forward to the conference. :) The busride home was ok. Thankfully, it was only five hours, because it was a bus that goes on the new highway. The only problem was that it was a double decker bus, so I felt a bit claustrophobic and the bus kinda "swayed" that was not really fun for me. Anywho, made it back to Split safely and without incident....that is what matters. Oh and since I had about 12 hours to kill on the bus there and back, I was able to listen to some new music a friend sent me. It was great...really enjoyed it!! :)

All the other girls here are stars, you are the Northern Lights

Now THAT is a song lyric you could put in your back pocket for a rainy day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

And this is how i feel.....

listened to a song today that i love. it kinda made me cry. it is a little sad and i realized how it could be true in my life someday. that is what made me cry. i am too emotional today. it is due to my lack of sleep. i need to change my waywardness. and not listening to that song on repeat might be helpful as well. hahaha!!!! however, all will be fine. feeling better already. besides, i shouldn't be afraid of the future and what "might" happen. everything will work out just fine. the worst is over, the best is yet to come. i have a good future ahead of me. just keep swimming. just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. *takes chill pill*

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I need to trade in my insecurities.....for a little love....

Sometimes I hate it when mistakes I make in the past get thrown in my face. I guess really I hate not being in control.....being at the mercy of someone else, feeling defenseless or some how weak. Not that I am so strong, but I don't want to look bad. Self-preservation. This must go. In a good way. Honestly, I am fine with what happened.....not a big deal. And no, I am not upset with the person who reminded me of one of my many faults. It actually was meant to help me, remind me to do what is right. I should appreciate it. I do really. Why is it that it makes me feel so bad? Ashamed. Wrong. Exposed. Insecure. Hmm....yes...that is insecurity. Because if I really knew and believed that I am loved then even when I am reminded of my faults, I would still be secure because I would KNOW that I am loved. KNOW that I am accepted no matter what. Even if not by the person expounding my wrongdoings, then by my Creator who is even called the Lover of my soul. This love is what I need. This love is what my heart is aching for. And it only comes from Him.

Monday, September 19, 2005

I am woman, hear me roar!

Yes! I am smarter than the washing machine....I think. haha! It almost had me beaten, but this girl would not give up so easily. Subsequent to my pushing of all the buttons, shuting it off and on and turning all the knobs on it....I thought it had won. However, after leaving it to sit smugly and stew in it's supposed victory, I ambushed it with a surprise attack. Ha! It did not have me foiled! It could not resist my authority and power! It promptly submitted and began performing it's intended duties.

Stay tuned for futher adventures....I have to wash some sheets tonight. :p

Friday, September 16, 2005

I am SO jealous!

My friend Karla just did the file extention quiz....she is a .gif *pouting ensues*

*purrs and pats on the head for Karla*

You are .gif Sometimes you are animated, but usually you just sit there and look pretty.
Which File Extension are You?

Where there is smoke, there is fire

Went shopping today. At is a large store kinda like Target with groceries. We needed supplies for the cafe and I was looking for a box for the toys for the kiddos to play with on Sundays. Well, as i was making my selection, this incredibly loud and annoying sound was blaring throughout the store. "Hmmm......speaker malfunction I suppose," I mused to myself. Then I noticed a strange looking "display" that seemed to be quite "misty." After getting a few other items I moved toward the drink section and discovered, much to my chagrin that said "display" and "misty-ness" were actually the far away deli section clouded by much smoke. Not yummy smelling smoke of smoked ham or smoked turkey, or even smoked cheese....which on further thought is none to yummy smelling. But I digress.....this smoke was quite pugnent and I was curious as to why there had been no announcement over the intercom to warn the shoppers of impending death due to the FIRE that the building was on!!! No, that would be far too efficient. *deep breath.....choke on smoke....pass out* Anywho, there seemed to be quite a few other shoppers still roaming about so I collected all the items on my list (well, MOST of them) and headed for the check-out. Whilst standing in line, the guy behind me asked what had turns out that the fire was actually outside, but the smoke had come into the building and that it had something to do with the air conditioning system. Very reassuring.


Whilst looking at the map on the bottom of my blog, I realized I can update it with a new country!! Schweet! (that country would be Serbia)

Well good morning kiddies.

Time for an update on my incredibly fascincating life. First night of house sitting went well....watched a bit of Conan O'Brien on MSNBC. I discovered dogs can breathe quite loudly. Especially at 4:34am. But she is sweet. Anyway, drove into town this morning....have to admit, it is a nice feeling. Love being able to turn up the volume and drive. Got to the cafe, no parking spaces remotely near-by. Well, there was this one. Tried to parallel park in it, but as I am driving my boss's car quickly decided against it. Parked in the paid lot instead. That is the update. Adoring fan mail and pressies can be sent to the usual address.

What File Extension Are You?

Well, I took this quiz three times and got three different answers, although I only changed the answers are the results:

first time:

i didn't copy the link, but it said: you are .swf You are flashy but lack substance. You enjoy playing but you can be annoying. Grow up.

to this i say......pffft :p

second time:

i changed a few answers...heehee...

You are .exe When given proper orders, you execute them flawlessly.  You're familiar to most, and useful to all.
Which File Extension are You?

and the third time:

yes folks, i am that sad.

You are .cgi Your life seems a bit too scripted, and sometimes you are exploited.  Still a  workhorse though.
Which File Extension are You?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

some things forgotten can be remembered

ok i remembered what i wanted to post about....aren't you oh-so-excited!!! it was about my cell phone...and how i tend to drop it on a regular basis. as in almost everyday! hahaha!! well not EVERY day, but multiply times a week. anyway, i was walking home last night and dropped it again. doh! not only did i drop it but i also stepped on it....and sort of scrapped it across the blacktop. my heart slightly panicked (or however that is spelt), i picked up my phone and happily discovered it was still working and the unfortunate scrapes it incurred were on the back of the phone and not acrost the screen. :) that was quite relieving. wow...there it is ringing now...hold on...ok that was Brandon. i am going to have dinner with them tonight. fun times! let's see, where was i? ah yes...i was relieved and also slightly disappointed because I want to buy a new phone and if i had broken my old one i would have to immediately go get the new one. alas. no worries though because i have enough problems with my phone that i will get a new one soon-ish. however, i am hoping i don't drop it so much. heehee.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

this and that but mostly this

is tomorrow a croatian holiday that i don't know about? because when i went to the grocery store there were a bunch of people there. went twice actually, once to get dish soap for the cafe and then tonight for some chicken (which they had, yay!). lots of people both times...hmmm...interesting.....

CREEPY guy came into the cafe today....had a whole rant about that. but all i am gonna say is thank God elton & brandon were there...but then he came BACK. RIGHT after they left. *cries* however, it was fine...other than the fact he has a very small concept of personal space and was all up in mine....yuck!!! :( made him the coffee and ignored him until he wanted to pay and leave. glad that is over with.

what else? hmm...there was at least one more thing....i can't remember *cries*

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the way i feel....what you feel is what you are and what you are is beautiful

ok i am tired, but i want to post something interesting and exciting and fun. i am in for a disappointment. haha!!! do you ever feel like you are watching your life like a movie....except you don't recognize any of the characters and you've come in at the end of the movie and don't quite know what is going on. and you are really hoping for a happy ending but it looks like the main character (you) might not make it until the end. cuz the giant panda bear keeps chasing you down...and ALMOST catches you every time and you know that next time he comes you will trip and fall and he will eat you like a bucket of extra crispy southern fried chicken. do you ever feel that way? do you? DO YOU?????

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Remembering 9/11

Tonight a movie came on about 9/11. It had real footage of what happened. I hadn't seen those images for so long. I remember where I was and how I felt that day that it happened. This movie is making me so sad. *crying* :(

My thoughts and prayers go out to the familes of the victims of that terrible tragedy.

Slacker of the week....that would be me.

so i started this post on friday and am just now posting it. can't say i remember what i was writing, but no worries, i will think of something oh so interesting to go on about.

hmmm or maybe not.

oh! i did discover a great cafe soooo close to my house. went there with a friend last night. they have flavoured coffee!!! irish creme....yummy! (and no it is not bailey's :p) i am going there in a bit with a another friend of mine. i think i will have to go there everytime i meet someone for coffee now. heehee.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

date with jason, chinese pottery & show me the money

Last night I had some strange of them had Jason Bateman.....we were talking and realized we went to high school together, then he wanted to go out with me. haha!!! Then there was some crazy scary stuff.....possible serial killer on the loose and looking at chinese pottery at a shop with a big tour group of people. Really bad storms and fires. At one point I found a wad of money....over 2,000 kuna ($300, 200₤) that was a very nice part of the dream....the part that would be nice if it came true. Honestly, Jason Bateman is great and all, but c'mon it would never work me the money! heehee.

Oooooo!!! Tonight I am going for dinner at the Hoybach's will be so great, just like old times. We had not seen each other for two months, yesterday Karla and I got to go hang out with them for a bit...just to say hi and see the kiddos. :) Blake is sooooooo adorable!!! And Caroline is talking sooo much now! Anyway, it will be a blast....and maybe we will watch 24.....hmm...we'll see. :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day after Labor Day

First day back at the has been good. Slow, but good. School has just started up, so I think we will start getting busy again soon. :) It is weird for it to feel quite normal here. It kinda makes me wonder if I am gonna have some major culture shock set in....that is rather pessimistic of me, though. Or maybe realistic. We'll see. is not that things are for me the same here as they are in the states; they are not by any means. Maybe it is because being here, living in a foreign country, does not seem as strange as it did when I first came. Let's hope it is that. :) Also, seeing many of my friends has helped the transition back to normality, if you can call it that.

To all my friends and family in the USA....hope you had a GREAT Labor Day!!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm baaaaack. heehee

Well, here I am back in Croatia. It has been a relaxing couple of days. Jet lag has demanded that this time....Friday night I didn't sleep very well. Tossed and turned...was dead tired, but then couldn't actually fall asleep. Got up at 5am for a bit then went back to sleep until 11:30am. That is when my roomie woke me up because she wanted to make sure I was going to the airport with her. She left yesterday...moved back to America. :( I will miss her sooooooooo much!!!! :( At the moment I have the place to myself, but hopefully will be able to find another roomie soon. Last night I slept great!! woohoo! Even woke up in time to watch Columbo. heehee. It was a good one....Columbo had put this guy in jail & he died....the guy's wife ended up killing this other guy in a plot to get close to Columbo in order to kill his wife. Well, Columbo is just too smart for that and figured it out before his wife was in any danger. He set it up to look like the lady had actually killed her and then got the lady to confess. Brilliant, I tell ya! haha!!

That is all for now....oh, and I got a new stat counter for this page. If anyone actually reads it. Maybe some people used to, but I haven't been keeping it up very well....we'll see if I can do better. :)

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