Wednesday, December 14, 2005

let's try this again and see if i don't delete all i write

Sarajevo was great! We arrived Saturday afternoon. Marin and Andrew met us at the bus station then we went to town for a bit of dinner. After that we went to Nova Nada (new hope - it is a community center) to hang out with some friends and play games. We played a game with dice called "Nista" (nothing). I didn't do very well, but it was still fun. As we were walking home, it started snowing. *sigh* How nice. I know that not everything is about me, but sometimes, I feel like God gives me these amazing gifts, He knows the things I like and need and is so good to me to make them happen. (like the snow)

So, when we woke up on Sunday morning, everything was covered in a veil of snow. We went back to Nova Nada for an international worship service. We sang, had a short bible study lead by a visiting pastor from the States, then prayer and fellowship. It was quite nice and refreshing. Next, we went to the SFOR base for lunch and shopping at the American PX. Dr. Pepper!!!! Wooohooo!! Oh, oh, oh!!! They have a Baskin Robbins there, so I got to have some ice cream - Pecan Prailene and Chocolate. Yummy!! And since we all know the importance of good ice cream, this was quite significant. After we were done at the base, it was time to go back to Sarajevo for a service at a Bosnian church. I had met the pastor on my first visit to Sarajevo back in the summer of 2004, so it was nice to see him again, espeically since the circumstances were much more pleasant than our first meeting. The first time I met him, he ended up taking me to the hospital at 10pm because I had an ear infection. (sorry if that is tmi) Although the service was translated into English, I was so happy because I actually understood almost everything that was being said. Yay!!!!!! (yes, go ahead, pat me on the head) Following the service, we went to the place we were staying for Andrew's b-day dinner. We all hung out for a while, but around 10:30pm or so, I went and took a nap for about an hour. Then I started reading my friend's was so good! After that, I went back into the living room and after the guys left, all of us girls stayed up until about 2am talking. So fun!!!

Now for Monday.....we got up and ready, took a taxi to drop our stuff at Nova Nada, then went into town. Spent the day shopping in Bascarsija (don't try to pronounce it, you might hurt yourself). That area of town is the older part of the city, very Turkish, very Ottoman. I LOVE it!!! We had lunch, had coffee, relaxed. Wonderful. Then we went to meet a friend of mine. We ended up going to this amazing cafe, I must go again sometime. It had great atmosphere and we all thouroughly enjoyed our time together there. It was time to go back to Nova Nada, say goodbye to everyone and leave for the bus station. Thankfully we arrived in time and all went well on our bus ride back. However, it seemed at times that the bus driver was flying instead of driving. heehee.

You might think I should be done, but wait, there is more. When we arrived back in Split, Tea and Branka had the bus driver stop as we came into town because it would be closer for them to walk home. I went ahead and stayed on until the bus station because I had a lot of stuff because I was bringing things back for some friends. Anyway, thankfully, there were a couple of taxis there when I got off the bus, however....there was a "small" problem. As I was walking towards the taxis, I heard the sound of drunken singing. There was a small cafe with 10-15 men drinking and singing. Amongst them the taxi drivers. Needless to say, I was none too eager to get into a taxi driven by anyone in that cafe. I kept walking and a saw another taxi, but it was empty, no driver in sight. It did have the number for the taxi company, so I turned my phone on to call myself one. My battery lasted just long enough for me to tell the lady where I was....or so I thought. As I waited I became more and more unsure that the taxi was actually coming. Just as I was picking up all my stuff to try and trudge home, around the corner comes the taxi. woohooo!!! It was only 40 kunas (haha) to drive to my house, less than one mile away. But, hey, I was much greatful that I didn't have to schlep all my stuff up the hill. Home sweet home at last, but the best part came when I got to speak with my friend when I got home that morning. The end. :)

Monday, December 05, 2005

Time for an update....

Forgive me blogreaders for I have sinned, it has been 12 days since my last post. :p

Let's see....what has happend in the past 12 days? Oh, there was thanksgiving, which was great....i need to post some pics of the yummy stuff i made. heehee. what else? hmmm....the past few days I have been sick. feeling better now...maybe 85%, much better. although i am a bit tired out right now. this isn't shaping up to be much of an update. too bad, cuz my brain is on strike and i can't think of anything else to write.

stay tuned.....more exciting news to follow (right?!)

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