Saturday, March 10, 2007

interview update first interview was with the head of one of the county offices here. it went well, but there aren't any openings in my town, however, there is an opening for a job in a near-by town (about a 30 minute drive). i'd rather not have to drive that far...yeah, i know it isn't so, he will forward my resume onto the hiring manager and i should be able to get an interview. i'm thankful i got the opportunity for this interview, basically, some friends of mine know this guy and they told him about me and he agreed to interview me and keep me in mind if there were any openings in his department. my second interview....i got this interview through one of the temp agencies i'm signed up with. it is with a good sized company. at first i wasn't too sure about it because i didn't have all the details about the job. however, after hearing more about the job....i'm really excited about it. i'm trying not to get my hopes up cuz out of all the jobs i've applied for and interviewed for, this one is pretty much exactly what i'm looking for. something i'm qualified for, but an opportunity for growth. it will be challenging and dynamic. working as part of a team of three assistants supporting a department at the corporate office. oh man!!!! i really want this job!!!!! they have more interviewing on monday and tuesday, so they'll let me know by the end of next week. so until then......

More interviews!!! woooooohoooooo!

Wow! What a day! Had my interview at Office Max. It went well! The manager is going to look at the online application that I completed and check my references, then on Monday night, I have another interview with a supervisor. At that point, I may get a contingent offer...meaning if my background check is good and I pass my drug test, I'll be hired. Yay!!

After that, I decided to go ahead and go to Target to see if they are hiring....which they have no positions available, but are accepting applications. So, I filled out their in-store online application dealio. That didn't take too long and I figure if something comes available there, maybe I could work part-time for some extra cash since I haven't been getting a regular paycheck for almost two months.

That being done and me feeling good after my interview and the idea of a possible actual job, I headed over to the place I get my eyebrows waxed as a lil treat. The place happens to be right by Target...funny how that worked out. Anywho, I had to pick up some milk and while I was at the grocery store, I ran into a friend of mine who I haven't seen in forever and we ended up going for coffee and having a great chat. Then my mom calls and says I have a couple of messages....both about job interviews...yay!!!! Turns out that I have two interviews tomorrow morning. One is through a temp agency I'm registered with and the other is because of a referral....there isn't a job opening right now, but it is a job with the county, so that would be great if something does open up. day and I'm happy to be juggling all these interviews....weeeee!! Alright, sleepy time for me....I have an important day tomorrow.

An interview, yay!!!!

thank you, God!!! 2 bits of good news to share:

1. i got a call from one of the temp agencies i'm signed up with and i got a temp job for all of next week. yay!!! it is 8am-5pm mon-fri.

2. i have an interview with the hiring manager for a daytime cashier/sales position at Office Max. i had called to see if they were hiring and she said they were and asked me a few questions and asked me to fill out an online application and come in for an interview tomorrow at 11am. woooohooooo!!!!

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