Sunday, June 15, 2008

the flood waters are rising and i'm reaching the breaking point

i saw Grace's post - (i left comment there as well)
and then watched the video here -
which resulted in this comment on Brant's blog and my utter disgust:
i used to live in Dallas and would listen to Ed on the drive home. at the time i thought it was pretty good stuff (although i didn't agree with everything), but i wonder what i would think if i heard those sermons now. anyway, i clicked on the link and got the willies right away from the freeze frame before the video starts. can't really explain it, but it absolutely creeped me out. while the video is uploading (i have crap dial up), i am writing this comment and also looked at the fellowship website. it is all to much for me and will look at it no further because it angers and disturbs me. there is a note on the beliefs page that absolutely disgusts me. it is about reaching out and how the lost simply need an invite to FC so they can see what following Jesus is really about. i think i will go vomit now. thoughts and perspective on things are appreciated. i posting a link to this post on my blog and will use this comment on there as well. anyway, thank you for your time.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Betty Butterfield

This made me laugh SO hard!!! Hope you enjoy it! ;-)

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