Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I went to Rome......Italy that is!!

Well, it has been a few days, ok several days, since my last post. I'm not doing a very good job on this blog...keeping it current and all. Oh, well. Takav je zivot. Let's see, what have I been up to recently? Ah, yes! I went to Rome! :) It was bellissimo! Since I live in the beautiful Croatian coastal city of Split, it was a short boat and train ride away. Two friends of mine were going and so I invited myself along.....we had a great time, although it was a short trip. We left on the boat to cross the Adriatic on Thursday night and arrived back in Split on Sunday night. Still, it was amazing to see the Coliseum, the Forum, Piazza de Popolo, the Spanish steps, Piazza Navona, St. Peter's square, etc. Unfortunately, we didn't get to the Sistine Chapel before it closed, so I will have to go back. Also, due to the long line at the Coliseum, we didn't get to go inside....a little disappointing, but we wouldn't have been able to see much else if we would have stayed. All in all I had a super time.

That is the most interesting thing that has happened in these recent days. Oh, one more thing I just thought of - we (my two roomies and I) got a new light fixture installed in our living room! With a fan and everything!! I know, I know....REAL exciting. But those blessed people who have been to my apartment understand that it is VERY exciting. The monstrosity that was our light fixture is thankfully a thing of the past. No longer will it be the object of ridicule and scorn at parties or get looks of horror from guests to our flat. Even though it took two weeks for the project to be finished, it was worth the wait. Why two weeks, you ask? Well, let me 'splain.....a friend, Jonathan (one of the people I went to Rome with, the other is my friend Darinka), had come in from Sarajevo for a visit and he offered to change the fixture for us, so we promptly went out shopping for something spectacular, yet affordable. :) Jen (one of my roomies) and I found a great fixture with a fan (big plus!). Jonathan came to install it and we soon discovered - well, actually, not soon enough, because by this time the old light fixture was removed and just two black wires were hanging from the ceiling - that we needed to drill two holes in order to secure the fan. Since we want to be good tenants and we had no drill, we had to wait until we asked our landlady if we could drill the holes. So, in the meantime, we used Jen's lamp from her room to light the living room....the meantime being the past two weeks. Finally, this past Monday I ask my landlady and she says, sure, why not? to the drilling of holes in the ceiling. Yippee!! But, by this time, Jonathan is long gone and so we have to find someone else to install the friend Darinka knows a guy named Alan who is an "electrician" (come to find out, he is still a student, but it's all good). Cool. He came today and installed the fan. Yeah, Alan!! Hero for the day! :)

Time for me to go nite-nite.......if anyone is reading this, you too must be sleepy now due to the understimulation you received from hearing all about my fan installation. :) heehee. Anyway, thanks for reading if you did and leave me a comment cuz I need the affirmation. :)


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