Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Warning...some gross stuff may follow...

well, i never thought i would say this....ever. i miss going to the doctor in Croatia. there it is. out on the table for the world to see. never saw this coming did you? yeah, me neither.

ok, now first of all, i went to the doctor about two weeks ago because my ear was bothering me and my throat had been hurting. they did a test and said that i had neither tonsilitis nor strep. great! then i was thinking they would do something about my ear...but no....take a decongestant and drink lots of fluids. nothing was done to my ear. this inspite of the fact that the doctor said my eardrum was mostly blocked and couldn't be fully seen. ok, fine, do what the doctor says. even though i'm not happy about it.

enter last night. i woke up around midnight with a sharp pain in my right ear. to anyone this would spell trouble, to me, it struck panic in my heart. too many long hours have i suffered with ear pain....i liken it to a screwdriver being jammed into your ear and left there for weeks. ok, hours, but it feels like weeks.

i KNEW two weeks ago that something was up and needed to be done. anyway, i decided to go back to the doctor today. and although i was prescribed an anit-biotic and recommened some drops, still nothing about getting what is in my ear OUT of my ear. argh!!!! in Croatia they would have been very invasive, no thought at all about the pain it would have caused me, but they would have dealt with the issue, not simply prescribe an anit-biotic, not unless it was truly necessary.

so here i sit, with my ear still bunged up....fun times!!


Blogger Jen said...

Oooo, so sorry your ear hurts again! I remember that miserable episode in Split, and the strange visit to the hospital in Bosnia? Serbia? Where were you again? Oy.

When are you going to post pictures of your little nephew???

8:17 PM  
Blogger shipra said...

Hi Davida,
ha ha! You're adorable even in your pain!

I trucked over here when I saw a comment you made on the Conrady's site. How are you??? LOOOOONG time no speak. I'm glad I found your blog as it'll give me a chance to check up on you now and again.

3:25 PM  

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