Monday, February 16, 2009

Definately a Monday

It is only about 8:30pm and I am exhausted. Today I called in sick to work because I could tell I have an ear infection. Fun times. My ear started hurting when I was out Saturday night and I could feel it getting worse and worse. Yesterday it was quite uncomfortable, but thanks to several handfuls of ibuprofen I was able to subdue the pain. Anyway, this morning I got up to make a doctor's appointment and call my boss. I made the mistake of "resting" on the couch and almost didn't wake up for my appointment. Thankfully my doctor is not too far away and was only about 15 minutes late. The doctor listened to my lungs, looked at my tonsils and checked out my ear. Yup, ear infection. I can pretty much self-diagnose them at this point. She said that my ear canal was very swollen and she couldn't see my ear drum. That is nice. Two prescriptions later and I'm on my way to the store to get my meds. Walking back to my car in the parking lot, I had a somewhat strange experience. I saw this silver car with a fairly decent dent on the front left fender. Also had a little bit of paint cracking. Weird. My car was parked somewhere around there. Then I realized that it WAS my car. Wtf??? Since when do I have a huge dent in my car??? After a brief examination, I discovered that there were no paint scratches of any kind. Just a sizable dent and the paint chipped. I got in my car to drive home. Honestly, I was very angry. Very. Angry. There is much more I could write about all of that, but I will say that I had a slight discussion with God about it and came to the conclusion that He doesn't really care about my little circumstance. Not in the way that I want Him to. He just seemed to ask me, "What has changed?" Is He somehow not good or aware or still who He is because this happened? And although my emotions haven't really aligned to the fact that nothing has changed and of course He is still good and aware and who He is, I realized and accepted those facts at least on some intellectual level. So, that was good. Back to my day...I drove to my parents house and showed my dad the dent. He said he'd come with me to get a few estimates for the repairs. Then I went to the store to get my prescription filled. 2 hours. Great. After picking up a few groceries I headed to my house and fixed some lunch. Those two hours went by too fast and I went to get my dad for the estimates. Of course there was a long long line at the pharmacy window. Plan B. Went to three different auto body shops and got four estimates. If I get the whole panel replaced, it will cost over $1,000. Super. It will be less with my insurance, but I have to file a claim. Or one guy said he could fix the panel and repaint it for about $400. Hmmm. I'm not sure about all of this. Mostly it pisses me off that I have to pay to get it fixed in the first place. Since it is still drive-able I decided to wait a bit on the repair. Oh, did finally get my meds. Didn't get home until after 5:30pm. So much for a sick day to rest. If I'm still feeling crappy, I'm going to take another one tomorrow. Which honestly that thought makes me feel more crappy because I am only getting even further behind at work being out a day or two. Ok, I'm going to have to stop this post before panic sets in.



Blogger Shawn said...

Aren't Mondays grand? So the ear infection (I almost said ear infuction then realized it was not appropriate) thing sucks. I had one for three weeks spanning the Holidays. Sorry things aren't so great, I would tell you how my day went, but that may only cause jealousy, envy, possibly leading to rage as it ended with me sitting at Starbucks reading a book on a beautiful night. So in honore of your shitty day, bummer my new friend, bummer...

9:48 PM  
Blogger Davida said...

sweet lord, 3 weeks??? that sucks! thankfully i can feel the meds kicking in and am planning on being back at work tomorrow. oh what fun. and yes, you have made me completely jealous of your day with the perfect ending yesterday...even if you do deny me the details. ;-)

5:08 PM  

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