Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peru: How it all started

So, I sorta sprang the whole trip to Peru thing on everyone without any details. Now I'll go back and fill you all in briefly and in my own words on how it all began.

The missions pastor at my church in Greeley has a connection with a pastor in Lima, Peru. The vision of the work in Peru is all about raising up leaders and sending them out to plant more churches, not so much about building a mega-church situation. Anyway, about 3 or so years ago, when Zoe's was being renovated, Phil (Zoe's pastor) took a missions trip down to Lima to help out a new church that had been planted in Cruz del Norte by Pastors Benjamin and Anita. During that trip, Phil and the team shared about what we were building with Zoe's. Anita mentioned that her family had a coffee farm and gave Phil a couple of pounds of green coffee beans. These beans needed roasting and Phil gave it his best shot after reviewing several "how-to" videos on Youtube. This first shot at amateur coffee roasting turned out to be a bust, but it also became the inspiration that led to last summer's coffee roaster purchase and the start of roasting at Zoe's. The vision for coffee roasting at Zoe's is not simply about being trendy. It is about establishing direct trade relationships with our coffee farmers in order to provide them with a more fair price for their coffee. The connection with Pastors Benjamin and Anita in Peru seemed like the perfect place to start this next phase of the Zoe's journey. Phil arranged for an exploratory trip and 23 people volunteered to join him on an advenuture to Anita's family farm in Palomar near Villa Rica, Peru.

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Anonymous Jen Boerema said...

Awesome! We're doing something like this with www.microloancoffee.com, started by Michiganders. Yay for fair trade coffee! (And international travel!)

8:24 PM  

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