Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Its gonna be a good day

Yes, yes it is. I finally had a good sleep in my nice warm bed and I'm soooo happy to be home. Spain was great and all, but the trek home has given me an even greater appreciation for my beloved Adriatic home. Today I am going to see some friends whom I haven't seen since before my trip. :) ...yes, I know I've only been gone a few days, but still looking forward to seeing them. One guy has just started a blog and he needs some help with posting some pics and stuff. Since I am such an expert at these things, I'm going to show him how it is done. haha! The other is Lara, the great, amazing, funny, cute girl who finished her essays on the Scarlet Letter. *cheers & applause*

Anyway, those seem to be the highlights of what my day will be.....at least I hope, I don't really want anything TOO dramatic to happen today....but I'll let you know tonight. (I know you will be on the edge of your seat just WAITING) haha!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You dirty lier(English accent)...lo....No, I'm just kidding...you wrote it before you read it, girl...After you have read, it trust me, you'll change your opinion....I'll come tomorrow with Matko at about 12:45pm, see you...
The boy who wants to create the blog reminded me that I wanted to ask you to help me create one....I tried many times...and all I menaged to do was sign up! And then...nothing...One day, I'll sign up again and you'll show me what to do next, my little expert...
Good to have you back...friend....Like "The Scarlet Letter"?


1:07 PM  
Blogger Davida said...


Haha! You silly girl! Thanks for your great comments....they always brighten my day. :) I read about half of your essays...so far so good. Just a few mistakes, mostly spelling, no biggie. When do you need them printed up? Let me know & we can go over the changes. C ya tomorrow!

3:08 PM  

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