Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A little something I wrote.....

My Lover
I wanted to scream today. But all that came out was a whisper and there was no denying what it had been – your name. As if it had been shouted from a mountain, it echoed through my soul, it shook me. Why do I keep coming back to this wilderness of pain? Am I too afraid to let go of the comfortable misery I am in, more at home in it than the fear of what is to come? So many questions plague me; they will not let me rest. My heart weak, my strength gone. No will to fight, but somehow I must go on. All I can do is stay here, lying here broken. Then I feel a presence, so sweet, so familiar, yet almost forgotten. His lifts me up into his arms and holds me in his secure embrace. My tears come in a flood of anguish and regret. How could I have ever left him? How could he ever take me back? Would it ever be the same? The questions came again, flooding from my soul. Although no words are spoken, he calms each fear. As he holds me in his arms, he draws from me every pain and heartache, loneliness, emptiness, bitterness, and disappointment. And I think I will be empty and left numb, instead I am filled with peace beyond what my mind can conceive, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, understanding and love. Love not just of high emotion floating on the wings of angels, but an anchor in my soul that cannot be moved. This is where I belong, this is where I am known, and this is where I will stay – in the arms of my lover.


Blogger Davida said...

I was lying in bed in that sleepless, dreamless state where you are neither awake nor asleep, and this came to me. I just had to write it down. Let me know what you think.....

1:12 AM  

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