Monday, November 15, 2004

"Honey, I'm home!"

Hello, my sweets! Well, it only took one car, three airplanes, four buses and 24 hours for me to get home, but here I am at last. I was supposed to fly in to Split last night, but due to strong winds, the airport was closed. So, instead, I flew from Rome into Zagreb and stayed the night in the airport (fun times!), then caught the first flight out to Split at 5:30 this morning. With all that said, I had a great time in Spain! The wedding was beautiful and the reception was SO fun! I even got to be in the wedding (sort of) Spain they don't have attendants, but me and three other close friends of the bride got to walk in after the family and sit in a special place. The ceremony was all in Spanish, but I could understand some things. Then there was the reception with a four course dinner and wedding cake, of course. We didn't leave the reception hall until around 3:30am. What a party! It was fun to experience a wedding in another culture and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Oh, I took lots of pictures so I will get them developed and post some here. :)


Blogger Martin GD said...

Nice to have you back - my audience figures had dropped thru' the floor coz you weren't listening !!! Chat again l8r


9:02 AM  
Blogger RoG said...


Took a photo of that cute dog, Roxy, just for you. Check it out on my blog :)


9:25 AM  
Blogger Davida said...

GD - Haha! I know, everything just falls apart when I leave. :)

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Are you online? Have no money on my cell phone...If you see this post, please contact me somehow...I'm going offline in a sms me...I'll come tomorrow at the caffe during my break(at 10:30h). if you're not there, I'll leave my disk to Brandon and he can give it to you and I'll drop by after school(at about 1:40h) pick it up! Is that OK?

Good to have u back....


1:58 PM  

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