Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Warm November Day

So, here I sit waiting for the phone line to be freed up so I can go online. At first I thought it would be difficult to start writing this while not online because, let’s face it, there is something quite magical about being on the internet…so connected, yet somehow so disconnected. Hmmm….does that make sense? Anyway, it appears to be pouring out quite freely now, meaning the seemingly endless stream of thoughts whether they will be coherent or incoherent remains to be seen.

It was another unseasonably warm day today in my neck of the woods. Although this fine weather is quite enjoyable, there is a part of me looking forward to frostier days. That is a breakthrough of sorts for me because I have been anxious about this winter. Cold, dark, dreary days. Yuck! But, I am trying to change my perspective on it and think of all the nice cozy sweaters I’ll be able to wear and hot cocoa I’ll be able to drink after I walk home in the freezing rain, oh wait, I was supposed to be keeping it positive. Let’s change the subject……let’s see…..I had about 50 ideas of what to write all during the day, but of course, now I can’t think of ANY of them.

Oh, yes! Tonight, my roomies and I had a treat….ok, ok….this might not sound like such a treat to some people, but for those of us who don’t have cars or get to go to a grocery store bigger than the size of our kitchen, it was quite a treat. My friends are out of town and we got to use their car (btw, thanks…heehee) to go to the grocery store. Yippee!! It must be the biggest grocery store in the area…..it is HUGE…..actually after not regularly go to big stores, it is a bit overwhelming. I think we bought enough stuff to last us through the winter….haha. Well, since I don’t want to over stimulate you with all the exciting news of my life, I think I will call it a night. :)


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