Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm baaaaack. heehee

Well, here I am back in Croatia. It has been a relaxing couple of days. Jet lag has demanded that this time....Friday night I didn't sleep very well. Tossed and turned...was dead tired, but then couldn't actually fall asleep. Got up at 5am for a bit then went back to sleep until 11:30am. That is when my roomie woke me up because she wanted to make sure I was going to the airport with her. She left yesterday...moved back to America. :( I will miss her sooooooooo much!!!! :( At the moment I have the place to myself, but hopefully will be able to find another roomie soon. Last night I slept great!! woohoo! Even woke up in time to watch Columbo. heehee. It was a good one....Columbo had put this guy in jail & he died....the guy's wife ended up killing this other guy in a plot to get close to Columbo in order to kill his wife. Well, Columbo is just too smart for that and figured it out before his wife was in any danger. He set it up to look like the lady had actually killed her and then got the lady to confess. Brilliant, I tell ya! haha!!

That is all for now....oh, and I got a new stat counter for this page. If anyone actually reads it. Maybe some people used to, but I haven't been keeping it up very well....we'll see if I can do better. :)


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