Tuesday, March 29, 2005

much ado about nothing

i haven't updated in a while. it is not that nothing has been going on, i've been busy and uninspired or *gasp* just plain not wanting blog. we had a big team from our church in Dallas out a week or so ago. it was great to have them here. truly. what else? i had two invites to go to Sarajevo and had to say no to both of them because it is too busy 'round here. busy-ness - good; not getting to go to Sarajevo - bad. oh well, that is life. i am happy that there is so much for me to do here in Split. plus, hopefully, i will be able to go to Sarajevo this summer. oh, yes!!! that would be WUNDERBAR!!! there are so many places i want to go and, in a way, be at the same time. i just need to be all here for now, though. :) good times.

hmm.....let's see.....easter was good. big team dinner and such at the condado's place. then relaxing rest of the day at home. it was gray and cloudy, but thankfully it didn't start to rain until after i arrived safe and sound at home. :) it is beautiful today, however and definately has the feeling of spring.....soon turning to summer. woohoo!!! i wonder when it will be warm enough to go to the beach for a little swim? soon, soon, soon, i hope!!!

also, we painted the cafe....great colors - yellow, green and red. this may sound like a packet of skittles, but trust me it isn't, it looks super! definately an improvement over the pale blue and white it was before. oh, and the orange trim on everything - yuck!!

welp, that is all folks. hope you are having a yummy sunny day today! :)


Blogger ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Hey...accidentally came across your blog. I like the way you write... nice.

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