Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Uh...what is the deal?

What is my problem? Ok, wait. Don't answer that. :-P Seriously, though, I do have a problem. For the past six years, pretty much every guy I've liked or been interested in has either lived on another continent, in a different country or in a different state...or all three. It is as if, subconciously, I choo-choo-choose these guys because I have a deathly fear of committment and do not "actually" want to be in a relationship. Hmmm...interesting. Seems to me that any guy within a 500 mile radius is completely boring or defective and I wouldn't like him...unless of course he has a girlfriend. In that case, I would find him cute and funny. Yet conveniently unavailable. It's a gift.
Alright, enough over-analyzing for one night. At least it is not all still rolling around in mah heed. This venting has been helpful for that at least. Anyhoo, onto better things as it is now officially Thanksgiving and there are festivities to be had and naps to be taken. I thank God for the Pilgrims and for my four days off of work. God bless America! :-)

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