Thursday, November 18, 2004

On this day.....Remembering Vukovar

Tonight in Split, Vukovarska street is lined with candles in remembrance of the losses sustained in Vukovar, a northern Croatian city. Let us continue to pray for healing and reconciliation in this region of the world.

These are a couple of excerpts I found from two websites about what happened in Vukovar:
"At this most desperate moment in their history, Croats gathered as many weapons as they could and organized a first line of defense in the Croatian easternmost town of Vukovar. The town was defended by around 1,800 Croatian policemen and volunteers; against them stood the Serbian army of some 65,000 soldiers, 1,400 tanks and armoured personnel carriers, 1,500 pieces of artillery and over 100 warplanes and gunship helicopters. Realizing that the battle of Vukovar would be decisive in many ways, Croats held their breaths as the battle for this Croatian Stalingrad began on August 24th 1991."

"It was only when defenders were left out without single armourpiercing piece of ammunition, on 18th November 1991., that the aggressor`s army entered the devastated town of Vukovar."


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