Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Blame it on the rain

Despite the apparent cheerfulness of my previous post, when I woke up this morning I wanted to pull the covers up over my head and sleep for another 24 hours. It is rainy and cold outside. Yuck. And I’ve been fighting a cold since Sunday. So far I have been winning, but I just want it to go away….like the rest of the world. Blah! However, I remembered that today is the first day of December. Cool. A new month. I like it. Besides, my decision remains to be in a good mood no matter the weather. I have much to be thankful for and a little rain isn't going to ruin my parade. haha!!

Jump in let's go...everybody gets high, everybody gets low. These are the days when anything goes! Crank up that volume to awesome!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy december 1st roomie! just passin through and thought id say hi!!!
love mel

9:37 AM  

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