Thursday, November 25, 2004


All my Thanksgiving wishes came true today. :) Well....most of them, anyway. We had a wonderful time...a yummy turkey games....I talked to my family (except one of my sisters :<)......played trivial pursuit....and my pecan pie turned out perfectly! It really felt like Thanksgiving and for that I am thankful. :) My roomie is chatting with her fam online and doing the web cam thing. She had me see them and say hello....I almost started crying when I saw them. Thankfully, my family doesn’t have a web cam because if they did, I would be bawling like a baby if I saw them. (That is the “delicate” part, Brandon)

My roomie, Mel, bought the new U2 cd the other day. It is fantabulous. I think my favorite song is #5 – City of Blinding Lights. Man, I REALLY hope I get to see them in concert somewhere here in Europe or when I am visiting the States next year.

Ok, that is all for tonight. It has been a full and fun day...time for this little monkey to hit the hay. Nite-nite!


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