Wednesday, December 01, 2004

In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky

Oh! I almost forgot to write about my dream *you wishing I forgot*....anywho, there I was on a bus (in my dream, that is) and there were a few other people on the bus. Then the bus starts moving, pulling out of the parking lot. However, there is one small, tiny thing missing in the bus - the driver. Hmm...ok, no driver, but the bus is moving. Not a problem because I'm sure it will stop at the end of the parking lot like it is supposed to and the driver will get on the bus there. Ooops, no, the bus continues onto the street. At this point I am slightly concerned and start trying to get off of the bus. The controls to open the doors won't work, of course and so the only course of action left is to try to force the doors open. One guy is trying to open the doors unsuccessfully (btw, this is a random guy who comes into the cafe...I've never talked to him and don't really know why he was in my dream - very strange). Certainly what must be done at this point it is to kick the doors open, which I readily do and the guy jumps out. He lands and assures me that it is safe for me to do the same. I, however am not so reassured. He continues to try to convince me and.....that is all. I don't remember for sure...I think I jumped out and was okay, but maybe the bus just stopped on its own. Hmmm....oh well.....what do you think it means?

I was thinking about it and maybe that bus is like my life and I feel out of control and that nobody is in control and I am trying to escape from that...hmmm.....maybe I need therapy.


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