Thursday, December 02, 2004

Tell me why haven't I heard from you

Hmm....maybe it is because I left my phone at the cafe. #$*&%!!! Oh, I hope Elton can bring it to me later....I feel so lost without it. haha! Seriously, though, I don't have anyone's phone number. Oops. I guess it is time for me to write them all down somewhere safe. Yeah, sure. Anyway....what else? Oh, yes....why oh why do I ride the bus home? Or anywhere for that matter? Well, some places I can see the use of riding the bus because it may be too far to walk. But not home. Every time I use my bad judgment and get on the bus to go home, I regret it. Usually I do this because the bus is at the station as I am on my way home. I think, "oh, there is my bus, I'll just hop on and be home in a jiff." Wrong. First of all, there is no "hop" on the bus - it is push/be pushed onto the bus in a crowd of people. Then maybe find a seat or stand somewhere WAY too close to a bunch of strangers. Finally, after a couple of stops where even more strangers pile on the bus, there it is - my stop. At this point, I have to push my way through to the door so I can exit the bus screaming, "stop touching me you freaks!!!" Why do I put myself through the trauma? Next time, please tell me to WALK!!! On a happier note, I got an email from my friend Chris. eeee!!! Very fun! He was living here in Split for about three months and moved back to the States a couple of weeks ago. Ok, that is all from my exciting life.


Blogger Adriatic Queen said...

This is what happens when you have too much fun, lol...Just kidding...But you have to learn to live without your cell phone. Imagine, 20 years ago(or less) where there were not any cells....People survived...Lol...

6:48 AM  

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