Thursday, September 08, 2005

date with jason, chinese pottery & show me the money

Last night I had some strange of them had Jason Bateman.....we were talking and realized we went to high school together, then he wanted to go out with me. haha!!! Then there was some crazy scary stuff.....possible serial killer on the loose and looking at chinese pottery at a shop with a big tour group of people. Really bad storms and fires. At one point I found a wad of money....over 2,000 kuna ($300, 200₤) that was a very nice part of the dream....the part that would be nice if it came true. Honestly, Jason Bateman is great and all, but c'mon it would never work me the money! heehee.

Oooooo!!! Tonight I am going for dinner at the Hoybach's will be so great, just like old times. We had not seen each other for two months, yesterday Karla and I got to go hang out with them for a bit...just to say hi and see the kiddos. :) Blake is sooooooo adorable!!! And Caroline is talking sooo much now! Anyway, it will be a blast....and maybe we will watch 24.....hmm...we'll see. :)


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