Wednesday, September 14, 2005

this and that but mostly this

is tomorrow a croatian holiday that i don't know about? because when i went to the grocery store there were a bunch of people there. went twice actually, once to get dish soap for the cafe and then tonight for some chicken (which they had, yay!). lots of people both times...hmmm...interesting.....

CREEPY guy came into the cafe today....had a whole rant about that. but all i am gonna say is thank God elton & brandon were there...but then he came BACK. RIGHT after they left. *cries* however, it was fine...other than the fact he has a very small concept of personal space and was all up in mine....yuck!!! :( made him the coffee and ignored him until he wanted to pay and leave. glad that is over with.

what else? hmm...there was at least one more thing....i can't remember *cries*


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