Thursday, February 23, 2006

Laughter....thanks for the medicine

today has been pretty good. a few bumps in the road, but nothing that didn't get sorted with a bit of laughter. after my expression of frustration!! haha! i am learning...hopefully...that i need to have some better boundaries in my say "no" to people. or at least say, yes i can help you for an hour...not my whole day. cuz when i do that i get frustrated and want to jam a fork in someone's head. it is a plastic fork...calm down. sheesh!

lemme see...oh..yes...i read this amazingly beautiful poem today. my friend wrote it...i will have to put it on here. it is breathtaking...really. yet, even in that, it made me somehow feel like a piece of garbage (well, the poem didn't, my inability or rather ability of a third-grader to write). i felt like i could never write something like that....that what i write is absolute shite without the "e". :)) it was really bringing me down. but then i remembered how stupid it is to compare ourselves with each other. i am who i am. i'm not someone else, so why should i want to try to be? plus, i may have something in me yet. so, don't worry, i'm good. still need to work on some things, but i don't see myself as a piece of least, not at the moment. hahaha!!!

love and laughter to you all!!!!


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