Friday, February 02, 2007


popsy daisy!! :x i just got off the phone with my sweet friend, Branka. we haven't spoken since the day before i left croatia...3 months ago. wow. i can't believe it has been that long, yet in some ways it seems like longer than that. a flood of tears came when i heard her voice. i miss her SO much....i miss all my friends in croatia. it rips up my heart sometimes. yet, i know that it was time for me to leave, although what things will become here remain to be seen. sometimes i have to cry it out i guess. haha!! i'm in that "stuck in the middle" longer there in that world, in that life and not quite established here. just feels kinda lost who the heck am I??? gotta take it one day at a time. keep smilin, keep looking up. :D it took time to build those relationships have the history we have together. it will take time here as well. i guess in those moments of loss that i feel, when my temptation is to look at all that's gone, i pray that i find strength in the One who isn't ever going to leave me and that i remember the good things and friends that i have....even if they are far away on some other continent. they will be in my heart forever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hej girl... i know i miss u too 4 too much....
i'll pray for u, u pray for me.. love you!!!


12:58 PM  

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