Saturday, November 20, 2004

You were right!

I had a great time! :) And it wasn't all that cold. (even better) There were twelve of us who went, my roomies (Jen & Mel), the girls visiting from BiH (Sherilyn & Lindsay), the guys visiting from BiH (Paul, Mark & Keith), Marin, JoŇ°ko (my "friend" from Bihac, haha), Bethany and Maja. We ended up going to dinner, not coffee, at one of my favorite places in Split. The have great pizza and yummy salads. We really had a nice time....good food.....good conversation.....good company and it was toasty warm in the restaurant. :) After dinner, we walked around the palace area to show our guests some historic parts of our city. Then everyone went to Bethany's to play cards.....everyone except me and Sherilyn. We were done for the evening and are now happily typing up posts for our blogs in the comfort of my cozy apartment. A nice ending to a nice day.


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