Sunday, September 25, 2005

A few of my favourite things.....

ok, so, yes i should be sleeping.....and i was sort of....and then i had an inspiration for this post and started thinking and then was wide awake. haha! Anyway, they are not in any particular order, just how they come to me.....

1. sunsets
2. watching the sunrise in the mountains on a lake with my sister in my pajamas whilst drinking a latte....heehee
3. puppies!!!!!!!!!
4. holding a newborn baby
5. traveling to new places
6. laughing SO hard....and you can't stop....really, you can't, you try...but more laughter and tears, the good kind....and people are looking at you like you are a nut.....but still you laugh
7. talking to my sisters on the phone
8. accents of non-american native english english, irish, scottish, south african, australian, etc.
9. did i mention puppies???
10. swimming at night in the sea
11. being home alone....not ALL the time, but ya know....
12. running through sprinklers at night in a park
13. packages in the mail and letters too
14. little small doses haha!
15. listening to music i love
16. going for coffee with a good friend
17. airports
18. Colorado
19. Nestea.....peach flavoured
20. walking on grass in my bare feet
21. having breakfast with my parents
22. old Disney movies....I mean old school.....Cinderella, The Fox and the Hound, Bambi...etc.
23. speaking in another lanuage
24. hearing a song you like on the radio that you haven't heard in forever
25. the smell after it rains
26. fresh mountain air
27. wheel! of! fortune! heehee
28. Old school SNL....from my era
29. maps....and globes....and atlases


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn girl!!! where am i in that story??? 1st it should be... Hanging with maja, then drinking coffee with maja, then talkin to maja... so on... Girl you're missin something... ME!!!!

9:20 AM  
Blogger Davida said...

:o!! how could i forget you?! 30. hanging out with maja. heehee

4:36 PM  

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