Friday, September 16, 2005

Where there is smoke, there is fire

Went shopping today. At is a large store kinda like Target with groceries. We needed supplies for the cafe and I was looking for a box for the toys for the kiddos to play with on Sundays. Well, as i was making my selection, this incredibly loud and annoying sound was blaring throughout the store. "Hmmm......speaker malfunction I suppose," I mused to myself. Then I noticed a strange looking "display" that seemed to be quite "misty." After getting a few other items I moved toward the drink section and discovered, much to my chagrin that said "display" and "misty-ness" were actually the far away deli section clouded by much smoke. Not yummy smelling smoke of smoked ham or smoked turkey, or even smoked cheese....which on further thought is none to yummy smelling. But I digress.....this smoke was quite pugnent and I was curious as to why there had been no announcement over the intercom to warn the shoppers of impending death due to the FIRE that the building was on!!! No, that would be far too efficient. *deep breath.....choke on smoke....pass out* Anywho, there seemed to be quite a few other shoppers still roaming about so I collected all the items on my list (well, MOST of them) and headed for the check-out. Whilst standing in line, the guy behind me asked what had turns out that the fire was actually outside, but the smoke had come into the building and that it had something to do with the air conditioning system. Very reassuring.


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