Thursday, September 15, 2005

some things forgotten can be remembered

ok i remembered what i wanted to post about....aren't you oh-so-excited!!! it was about my cell phone...and how i tend to drop it on a regular basis. as in almost everyday! hahaha!! well not EVERY day, but multiply times a week. anyway, i was walking home last night and dropped it again. doh! not only did i drop it but i also stepped on it....and sort of scrapped it across the blacktop. my heart slightly panicked (or however that is spelt), i picked up my phone and happily discovered it was still working and the unfortunate scrapes it incurred were on the back of the phone and not acrost the screen. :) that was quite relieving. wow...there it is ringing now...hold on...ok that was Brandon. i am going to have dinner with them tonight. fun times! let's see, where was i? ah yes...i was relieved and also slightly disappointed because I want to buy a new phone and if i had broken my old one i would have to immediately go get the new one. alas. no worries though because i have enough problems with my phone that i will get a new one soon-ish. however, i am hoping i don't drop it so much. heehee.


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