Thursday, January 06, 2005

I am falling....part 2 :) oh, the fun just doesn't stop!

So, that brings us to Friday - New Year's Eve! We had a great day of teaching and fellowship...I was sad to see the conference come to an end. But the fun was no where near being over. Oh, also, I got to sing on Friday night with my friend, Marin, who has a great voice. :) And Jonathon (a guy in Sarajevo) and Hrvoje played guitar for us. It was fun, that sining. *wink* Anyway, after the meeting on Friday night, we set up for the party. All the chairs were cleared out to make a dance floor and with the lights turned low we began to dance the night away to some great Croatian and American 80's music. Around 11:30pm, we all head into town to bring in the new year. It was so cool! We arrived just in time to hear this Macadonian guy sing the song he sang for Euro-Song, "Life" least I think that is the name. We pushed our way into the crowd and actually got to catch a glimpse of him. :) Then it was time to count down...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....Sretna nova godina!!!! (Happy New Year!) Woohoo! Handshakes and kisses all around! More singing and some pictures, then time to get back to the Kairos center for more dancing!! The 80's theme turned a little and we got to play some country music and do some line dancing. I even got to dance the two-step. After more dancing, we all gathered around to exchange gifts through a fun gift-exchange game where you can steal gifts that other people have opened. It was so fun! I ended up getting a Sarajevo style winter hat, even though many people tried to prevent me from getting one by always stealing from me. :) Hmm...let's, when the game was done, we chatted and mingled a bit and then started a movie, "The Terminal". I had already seen it and didn't want to watch it again, so I was going to go to bed then ended up having a great chat with Dejan, a guy from Sarajevo. You may be wondering what the name "Dejan" means, well I found out the best and most accurate meaning is "really funny guy from Sarajevo". Haha!! At five-something in the morning, it was time for bed.

Even though I hadn't had much sleep, I woke up around 11am - I was just too excited to be in Sarajevo to stay in bed. Our last day - I had to make it count. We packed up and left the center around 1pm. Josko, Lidija and Bethany made a yummy brunch for us and then we played Mao - an insane card game. As the day wore on, I knew I had to get back into town before leaving that night at 9:30pm. So, me, Marin, Bojan and some other guys walked into town. I really wanted to buy a silver necklace for a cross I had, but didn't think any shops would be opened. However, I was so happy to find a jewelry shop open and I bought a silver chain. How exciting! :) Then we ate cevapi one last time and I got some burek for the busride home. Oh, yes, we also squeezed in one last coffee before going back to the guys' place. When we arrived back, it was time to walk over to the bus station and go back to Split. :( The bus ride home was good and I was so thankful the Brent's drove us all home....we arrived in Split around 3:30am.

It was an amazing trip and I am SOOOO thankful I got to go. My first time ringing in the new year in a foriegn country and surely not my last. Also, certainly not my last trip to Sarajevo, but only the beginning. :)


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