Monday, January 03, 2005

I am falling, I am falling in love...

....or fell in love, actually. With a city, that is. Sarajevo was amazing. It was one of those trips that meets and exceeds your hopes and expectations for a not only a great time, but an incredible time. Although it didn't seem to get off to such a great start with me missing my bus, the seven hour bus ride there was actually quite relaxing. When I arrived at the church/conference center, I was greeted by a familiar face. Ana, a girl I had met in Dubrovnik over a year ago works there. It is so cool how God works out all of the details in our lives.

The first night we had a short meeting together and then I went to bed early to get some much needed rest. On Wednesday morning we had breakfast, prayer, and the morning session. Every morning session was divided into two parts. The first part was teaching from Acts and discussion groups, and then the second part was doing what is called a "Life Map". Basically it is looking back over your life and remembering the significant events, people, places, etc that influenced shaped who you are. It helps to look and see the ways God has worked throughout your life, even in difficult circumstances. After the morning sessions, we had lunch and then free time until dinner around 6:30pm. On Wednesday, a group of us walked into the center of town. We enjoyed the walk by the river, soaking in the sights of Sarajevo. The old buildings, the beautiful surrounding hills, mosques, cathedrals, stone walkways, buildings with bullet holes, remnants of the war. After a quick taxi ride back to the Kairos Center, we had dinner and the evening session (more teaching on Acts). Then, we headed back into town for another dose of the city. That evening on our walk to town, my prayer was answered. It began to snow! Breathtaking. By the next morning, the city was covered in a light blanket of about an inch of snow (maybe less). My friend, Bethany and I got up and ready as soon as we could so we could go outside and play in the snow. She is from Michigan, so we shared the appreciation for a good snowball fight and I got to make a snow angel, well, sort of. :) After breakfast and our morning session, a group of us went into town for lunch. And what do you think we ate? Well, cevapi, of course. It is like sausage served in this great bread with kamak...some sort of cheese or yoghurt or something. Anyway, it is yummy, and they have a unique style of cevapi in Sarajevo. After lunch, Vjenci, one of the guys from Split, and I walked around trying to find a gift for the gift exchange we were having at the New Year's Eve party. I didn't find a gift to buy, but I did find this cool pillow cover that I bought for myself. :) Fun times. Then we enjoyed the nice walk back to the center.

So, I have some more that I want to write, but it will have to wait….I know you are so excited to hear ALL about it….haha!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you come there you just know it my city...Who am I?

12:01 PM  
Blogger Davida said...

um....Lara? :) yes, yes of course it is you. And someday we will have to go to your city together. I have a feeling I will become very familar with the road between here and there. :) Fun times!!

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey its mel!!! thanks for the comment. i miss you and jen and everyone very much! i will be prayin and thinkin of you guys. love you much.

12:24 AM  

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