Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ich kenne nichts (Das so schon ist wie du)

Hmm....had something to write here, but then this song came on.....some rap thing.....it is SO freakin annoying....i forgot everything....the mind-numbing beat has done its trick and numbed my mind. Let's hope it is over soon. Yes! It stopped. :) That playlist was pretty good up until that point. Anyway....now I am listening to Xavier Naidoo, he is a german guy. I first heard this song about two years ago when I happened upon the video. Then I didn't know who it was and after figuring out it was Xavier, I tried to download the song, but had problems with it. Last Friday, a friend of mine brought by a CD that has six different versions of the single! wooohooo!!! Now I can't decide which one I like more...the band edit or the radio edit...decisions, decisions. Yikes, just realized that the genre of this music is classified as "Rap & Hip Hop".....please don't hold that against me. haha!!

Let's recap the day thus far, I woke up after a nice sleep....well nice for the most part. Let me tell you what was not-so-nice....the fact that the phone rang at 2:40am and when I answered.....no one was there. Yup, that sucks. Anway, was well on my way back into a deep sleep when the phone rang AGAIN at 3:10am. Needless to say I was none too pleased, but decided to answer it anyway. Again nothing. Argh! Then I tried to hang up, but it stayed connected. All of a sudden there was somebody speaking some foreign language. It was a sort of recorded message and kinda freaked me out since I was not really awake nor expecting anything. Even though I didn't have the receiver up to my ear, I am pretty sure it was not croatian. So, that was fun. NOT. At that point, I shut the ringer off and went back to bed. (note to self: remember to turn the ringer back on when I get home tonight) Got online to do my bible study. Then got distracted. (BIG shock) Anyway, finished the bible study and got ready. Went to the cafe to pick up some documents then headed over to the Croatian Health Insurance office. Where I waited in line to talk to the lady who told me I have to register at this other place first. She gave me a list of what I needed to do, so that was good. However, I don't know what everything on the list is, will have to enlist someone's help to figure it out. Anyway, after that came to the cafe. It has been good....enough people, but not crazy busy. Although, crazy busy is nice sometimes. Yup, that is it. My life thus far today. How exciting! heehee.


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