Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oh man, what a day!

Got up at out of the house before 10:30am....which for me is unheard of because Sunday 10:30am is Columbo time. heehee. Anyway, went and got some plants for the planters at the cafe. There were some "gaps" where the old plants had been. No, the old plants didn't die....they were stolen. Sad, but truuuuue. Then went to the airport to pick up my pastor and his family. It is sooooo good to have them back!! After we dropped them off, I went to get the car washed because I couldn't get it done before. Don't ask. Hmm....then came home to get clothes to change into for church and thought to call my friend Denis to see if he had a guitar to bring tonight. (he is playing while Elton is gone) So he didn't and so I needed to walk to the Condado's place to pick up the guitar. However, I had everything planned out....enough time to sweep and mop at the cafe, plant the new plants, change and meet Denis to practice....until I found out that I had to get the guitar....walking there and back to the cafe. About to press the panic button...I called Brandon....he said to just drive back to the cafe with thier car. What a novel idea. That all worked out and had the floors done and the plants planted when Denis called (a few minutes after we were supposed to meet). He had missed his bus. Thankfully, I had the car so I went and picked him up. We arrived back at the cafe at 5:05pm. We are supposed to start at 5pm. However, thankfully it worked out and I even had time to change and we practiced. It all worked out, even though it wasn't according to my plan. The world didn't fall off of its axis and I didn't freak out. Yay me!! Now it is time to relax and enjoy my evening. :D


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