Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Woohoo! Registered for my Croatian class this morning and got the paper I need to apply for my visa....I hope it is the right one at least. Then went to coffee with a friend. She got here a few weeks ago. It was great to talk with her and I am looking forward to getting to know her more over the next several months. Then came to the has been busy. :) The yucko weather has a tendancy to make our business better. :) Keep it comin'! haha! However, my throat is still not back to normal.....should I be worried? No. I should take my vitamin C and drink lots of water. Tonight I'm going to dinner at the Hoyby's. Fun!! Looks like CSI is coming back on tonight. yippee!! It hasn't shown here in forever. The Miami & New York ones are okay, but they are not as good as the original. We shall watch it tonight and have fajitas. :) Just like old times.

Edit: Got to wear a sweater today, and one of my cool scarves. :) This may seem like a frivalous detail, but it is not, I assure you. It is an essential part of my quality decision to enjoy the fall and winter instead of dreading it. Sweaters. Scarves. Hot Cocoa. Positive attitude. Anyway, dinner was great as usual, hanging out with everyone.....Dinko came and another friend of mine. The kiddos are so cute!! Oh, found out CSI isn't on until 10:40pm. *cries* However, I think I shall stay up and watch it. heehee. :) Although, I should go to sleep before then because my throat hurts. *takes a bottle of vitamin C*


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