Friday, November 04, 2005

Blog Topics

ok, this isn't actually a post per se but rather a list of things i want to blog about...erm...this weekend i guess. it isn't that nothing has happened this week, it is just i haven't had time to write anything.

Here are a few topics that i want to expand on:
- croatian holidays
- wake up calls
- karla's birthday party
- i can make fransuska salata!!!
- life in general
- my new roomie, Dana

Welp, that is about it, stay tuned for further details. hahahahaha!!!


Anonymous Toyah said...

Fransuska salata? is that some kind of salad or can i not read croatian? hmmm, I can't read croatian so it probably has nothing to do with salad anyway.....
awaits the next post so i can find out what it really is

5:04 PM  

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