Monday, October 24, 2005


Oh man! Oh man! Oh man!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance* Today we had a guest sent by the top guy in EN.....he is an architect and came to check out our cafe and give us some input on it. He is from New Zealand, so that off the bat makes him cool. Great accent! Why am I excited about that? Well, he came to the cafe, had some coffee and checked it all out. Later, Blake called and said we made a good impression and that he would like to come back sometime. AND not only him, but his friends......The Newsboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Earlier I was thinking, "wouldn't that be SO cool if they came to Split....and we could all go for dinner and then coffee after?!" heehee. Maybe it will REALLY happen. EEEEEEE!!!! *jump around* Oh man!!!! Oh man!!!!!


Anonymous Toyah said...

So who exactly are the newsboys then? (not that I have them on a cd at all....)

Goes to pick up some sugar....What's this? Anthrax!?!

*Reports cafe staff to the croatian post office.* Lock 'em up boys...looks like the newsboys can have these tickets to colorado that i found lying around. Heehee

*waits for a frying pan to come flying through the air*

10:21 AM  

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