Sunday, November 13, 2005

um, so, yeah

i have lots of stuff to write here....lots of ideas at least. but i just need to sit down and write them. things are good now. had a great day so far. haven't done much but sleep, watch columbo and play a bit of online trivia. heehee. i needed the rest. time to get ready for church now. it shall be a great night....pastor marcus is here from innsbruck. lots of peeps will be there tonight. oh man....i just got a bit nervous. haha! i am silly. it shall be wonderful!! then, when i get back, i think i will make some cookies. my friend has a birthday tomorrow and she asked me to make her some cookies. and we have our 1 year anniversary party for the cafe tomorrow night too, so i'll make some for that too. alright kiddos, catch ya later!!!


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