Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to begin?

Ok, so, I said I wanted to write more on my blog, explore some different topics and monologue (or dialogue, if there are comments) about the shifts in my perspective on things in recent years. Come to find out, that is MUCH easier said than done. Not because I don't have time to write at the moment or that I don't have inspiration to write. I have those things. I have many a blog post rolling around in my head. The problem is this - I don't know where to start. Last night I kicked around the idea of starting by re-posting "An Interesting List." This was something that I initially posted back in October of 2007, but quickly deleted because, well, I don't remember exactly, but it was too much for me at the time. Anyway, I couldn't find that list again though I Googled like a mad woman. However, what I DID find really stirred up a lot of "stuff." Really bogged me down, so I shut down and decided not to write anything. It opened up a can of worms. Really nasty, ugly, BIG worms. So, that is why I am starting with this post instead. I'm not giving up, just regrouping. :-)


Anonymous Dale said...

Okay, go ahead and regroup. I'll wait, assured it will be worthwhile. Thanks for digging.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This ought to be good, really good infact, and of course classic Dida stuff!

7:24 AM  

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