Sunday, October 02, 2005

1. How many DAYS old are you? 10639
2. Gwen Stefani... better solo or with No Doubt? No Doubt
3. Romantic Suicide... good band name... yes or no? bad band name & bad idea
4. What's your worst nightmare? usually involves someone chasing me
5. If you could go back and relive one time in your life what would it be? some nice part of my childhood i guess......but apparently the summer of 1997 might be nice as well....heehee.
6. Playstation or X Box? X box
7. Random thought of this very moment? pffft play word: Halo
8. Barry Manilow or Rod Stewart? Neil Diamond
9. What's your favorite Disney movie of all time? At the risk of sounding like a copy cat, The Fox and the Hound.....but Lady and the Tramp is a good one too....ooh...and Cinderella.
10. Shark's Tale or Finding Nemo? Finding Nemo
11. Ja Rule or Dmx? Neil Diamond
12. Your first home address you remember? Sunflower Drive, Windsor, CO USA
13. If you could take a road trip to ANYwhere, where would you end up? did someone say "road trip" :D i think it would have to be an amazing world tour ending up back at home
14. Finish this sentence...... The sky in my world is black with countless stars on a crisp and clear might want to take a jacket.
15. Would you rather be blind or deaf? i can't ever decide on this one......
16. What is you favorite time of day? mostly anything but early morning
17. Would you eat 25 hissing cockroaches for 25,000?? not for $250,000...not in a house, not with a mouse....i do not like them sam i am
18. Why is the lion the king of the jungle when the elephant is so much bigger? cuz he is meaner
19. If you couldn't find a shirt in your FAVORITE color what other color would you pick? pink
20. What is your 5th favorite color? green
21. Bath or Shower? usually shower, but like a nice bath when possible
22. Candles & bubble bath or hot boy/girl and tepid water? candles and bubble bath
23. Would you rather be handcuffed or duct taped? handcuffed
24. How many CD's do you own that are NOT burned from the computer or another cd? not very many....maybe 50?
25. In your opinion...... what IS the point of porn? I don't know.
26. Sing Language or Morse Code? morse code......dit dit dit da da da dit dit dit da
27. Fire, Water, OR Firewater??? fire
28. Who would you rather play with me or yourself?? if we can play barbies, then with you
29. Paper or Plastic? paper
30. Newest random thought of the moment? a nice warm duvet......hmmm.......
31. Which you rather do for an hour...stand on one foot or on your head? Stand on one foot.
32. Purple Rain or Under The Cherry Moon? Purple Rain
33. Favorite number over 100? eleventy billion
34. Would you rather live in a bubble or a cage? bubble
35. Can you use chopsticks or play chopsticks? both
36. Would you rather be able to eat fire or swallow swords? Swallow swords
37. Have you ever driven the wrong way down a one way street? Yes.
38. Have you ever played hotel tag? no.
39. If your name was a symbol what would it be?? an exclamation point....because if you haven't noticed...i can be kinda dramatic....heehee.
40. Name one person you would like to have dinner with? my family
41. Noon or Midnite? Midnight
42. Would you rather have sex on the washing machine during then spin cycle or on the space odyssey at an amusement park? ummm......can i get back to you on this?
43. Wal-Mart or Target? Target
44. Least amount of money would it take for you to paint your skin pink for a week? $15,000....or a new car. :D
45. Would you ever tattoo your bf/gf's name on your body? No, but i kinda would like to get a tattoo
46. Would you rather be a famous singer or an actor? singer
47. Do you like total randomness? at random intervals, yes
48. If you could pick anyone to kiss at midnite on new years eve (who you weren't in a relstionship, like anyone in the world) like ANYONE, in the ENTIRE world?! would be someone who would pick me to kiss at midnight on new years eve, cuz i don't like to make the first move
49. Last random thought of the moment? there will definately be no one to kiss this new year's eve
50. First word that pops in to your head? tangerine


Anonymous Toyah said...

first off halo's on the Ps2 :-p. Secondly, i'm sensing a Neil Diamond theme here, hmmmmm?

And you drove the wrong way down a one way street *shocked*
You want a tattoo *shocked even more*
and just to let you know, Billion isn't a real number *heehee*

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Toyah said...

..... oh and can i get the duvet back at some point;-)

7:22 PM  
Blogger Tigress said...

I've been trying to join the site for ages but it keeps not letting me. I hope this gets through. Love, Tigress xx

7:55 AM  
Blogger Davida said...

yay, tiggy! it worked!! :d

8:54 AM  
Blogger Davida said...

I know billion isn't a real number :p I was just humouring those people who live in made-up fairy land places. And to your shock I will add a smidgeon of jealousy, because at least I manage to drive on the right side of the road. *runs off yelling, "A chicken in every pot and tattoos for all!!"

3:22 AM  

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