Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I feel so real

More scooby snacks up for grabs, folks......this may be difficult, this may be obscure.....the title of this post is a line from a song.....tell me the song and artist and scooby snacks shall be yours.

Today has been a good day.....maybe even very good. Had a decent night's sleep last night. :) Woke up and came into the cafe. Brandon and the fam went to Krka since Allison's parents are in town. So, I (yay me!) got to open up. It never got TOO busy, but we were busy enough. Oh! And I had a good hair-day today! Well, ok....maybe "good" is too strong of a word.....hmmm....maybe decent would be better.....I've had a decent hair-day today. (yay me again!!) [side note: I am listening to a cd a friend made me and just realized that track 14 stops quite abruptly.....although I have listened to the cd "several" times....I never noticed this before.....hmm....actually someone mentioned earlier today while it was being played, but I hadn't noticed it. Anyway, it has me wondering if the track is just that way, or if a bit of the song has been cut off. Alas, we may never know. *pauses for a moment of silence*] Toni and Matko came in for coffee today and they played a bit of X-box (which is far superior to Playstation, btw). It was fun to chat a bit with them.....they are great guys!! What else? [another side note: now listening to track 16....this song is kinda depressing and is that a speak and spell they are using in this part?! It isn't the fact that the song is slow.....the words seem depressing and quite a feeling of hopelessness is conveyed. Ohohohohoh!!!! Now it is track of my favourites on the CD!!! *starts song from the beginning* The first bit of this song is brilliant. Brilliant I tell ya!!! (said in Scottish accent) Maybe someone will dedicate this song to me on the radio someday. Ok, that sounded SO junior high!!! haha!!! Sad but truuuuue!] All closed up at the cafe, time to go home. Looks like an evening of cleaning the kitchen and attempting to defrost the freezer. What fun! However, at 10:15pm CSI is on. Woohoo! I hope it isn't one that I have seen. That happened last was quite anti-climatic. [yet another side note: I am re-playing track 17 heehee] Alrighty then, that is just all you can take for now, because I can see that your eyes are blinking REALLY slowly and your head is nodding as you struggle to read this to the end. But you've made it!!! (yay you!) This is the end for today.


Anonymous Toyah said...

ok which was track 14, i'm slow and can't remember. I'm kinda tired after reading a really long blog post, heehee.

5:34 AM  

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