Sunday, October 21, 2007

she's baaaaaaaack

ok, so, it has been a while and i suppose it is time for a bit of an update. :-)

first of all, i got the job i interviewed for way back when. it was the job i REALLY wanted and i LOVE it!!!! yes, i still love my job. yay!! :-D i'm very thankful for it and even though there are frustrations and irritations with working in an office, i honestly enjoy my job. well, sometimes at least. heehee. the people i work with are great (for the most part *wink*). i thank God for my job and the ladies in my department. this past year has had some rough spots and in a way it seemed like my job was the only thing going "right" in my life. i don't know what i would have done without it and that is a fact.

one of the benefits of my job is that they offer a tuition plan that helps pay for courses related to your job or a future job with the company you may qualify for after completing the courses/degree. anyway, it'll help me get through school!!! woohoo!

so....speaking of school, i started back and am attending (for the moment anyway) Colorado Christian University. They have a satellite office about 20 minutes from where i live and i take my classes in the evening. i started my first class a few weeks ago and next week is our last night. it went by so fast!! they courses are five-weeks intensives with a combination of online and classroom learning. the classing i'm taking now is called "Fiscal Management for Non-profit Organizations" and i feel like i've learned a lot. it is actually more of an upper-level course and is not even required for degree plan. i just had to jump right into the fire. :-p anyway, its been good so far. next semester i'll qualify for in-state tuition and may take a course or two at a local community college. we'll see.

hmm....there is lots more that has happened, but i need to go and some of it i don't want to think or blog about anyway. haha!! i gotta get ready for Greiser Fest!!! man, i love their parties. it is so good to be home. its been difficult sometimes....i miss Croatia and all of my friends there...all my friends and the great people i met while i was life before. all in all though, it is still good to be home.

oh!! before i go, i must give a shout out to Hrvoje and sweet Jen B. i got to see them and many other friends when i was in michigan last month for Josko & Bethany's wedding. anyway, they both were asking about my blog and giving me a hard time for not writing anything recently. also for leaving everyone hanging about my interviews and job situation. sorry 'bout that. heehee. anyway, i've been meaning to update this since the wedding and have thought about y'all and hope that you and Jill are doing well raising your support and that you and Marin had a wonderful time in Split. it was so great to see you guys!!!! cujemo se!!


Blogger Elton said...

Bravo, Davida! Have you worked your way on to the party planning committee at the office yet?

9:58 PM  
Blogger Davida said...

i do try to influence as much fun-having as possible. also, one lady i work with goes to karoake and i've been a couple of times with her. it is a blast & i get to sing a bunch. :-D

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Hrvoje said...

Bok Davida,

I am so glad that you are BAAACK! I love reading your blog entries therefore I am so glad that I yelled at you for not writing at the wedding! It was so great to see you there. Jill and I (and Ema) are traveling like crazy and working hard on our support! Our deployment target is next April :) We are going to Split next week for about two weeks, so my parents can meet Ema. I Can't wait!!! The NGO course that you took sounds really great- you should move back to Croatia when you finish and help us start an NGO over there :)

10:02 AM  
Blogger Davida said...


it was great to see all of you too!! i'm so excited that you are gearing up to return to croatia and start your ministry there. :-) also, i'm jealous of your upcoming trip next week and hope you have a wonderful time!!! you gotta take lots of pics!

maybe someday we will work together on an NGO or even a for profit! i did a "business plan" for my class that i'll have to email you. it is only scratching the surface and is a VERY rough draft, but it is an idea and a start. tko zna?! zasto ne?

cujemo se!

1:36 PM  

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