Monday, October 31, 2005

So, I wasn't actually made in England, but this is cool...

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Friday, October 28, 2005

I'll be home for Christmas!!!!!!

Woooohooo!!! I bought my ticket for my trip to the States! Yay! *happy dance*

Oh, and a boy said I looked pretty today. :D

I don't wanna be anything other than what I been tryin to be lately

Hmm, ok here is the update. Wednesday night I picked up Scott from the airport. He came for a couple of weeks to visit. Maybe he will come back long-term. Maybe not, we'll see. I didn't think I knew him, but actually he had moved to Dallas right before I moved to Croatia, so we had met and talked a couple of times. We went to the Riva and I showed him around a bit, then took him to the place he is staying. He seems like a nice guy and I was glad I had at least met him before, plus he knows a lot of people I know from Dallas, so he didn't seem like such a stranger.

Yesterday was a good day. Started out waking up early. And to those who made that possible, I thank you. :D Although I did fall asleep on the couch whilst I should have been reading my bible. *bad Davida* But I did read some, didn't slack off completely. :p Got ready and had coffee with Laura at one of my favourite cafes in Split. They have good coffee and all, but what makes it great is the view. It is on Marjan hill and it overlooks the city. Quite a breathtaking view. During the day or at night. Although, if you come at night from town, up the stairs that lead to the cafe, you'd better bring either a couple of cute boys to protect you or a flashlight, because it is dark and there can be strange noises. (not that I would know :-") heehee. We enjoyed a nice chat, it was good to be able to talk with her and hear about everything going on as they transition to Budapest. It will be challenging, but I am thankful they will still be relatively close. I went to get bills for all the change we had collected at the cafe. I had only been there once before, but the lady remembered me. She was really nice and we chatted a bit in Croatian. :D Next stop was to pick up Scott. Then to the cafe. It was a good afternoon. My friend, Tea (teh-ah, not the stuff you drink :p ) stopped by before her english class. I love it when my friends stop by to see me at the cafe. :D By this time, it had been a couple of hours since Scott had gone to find something to eat. I was starting to worry a bit. His first day here and I lose him. haha!! Shortly after that, he returned from his adventure in town. At that point it was almost time to close up the cafe and head over to the Hoyby's for dinner. Mexican food. Yummy. It was really fun, we had a small crowd with Brandon, Allison, the kids, Dinko, Scott, Neissa and myself. We even watched Seinfeld....the Kenny Rogers Roasters episode. That is my favourite episode, and could possibly the best one. Mr. Marbles?! hahahahahaha!!!! Kenny? Kenny? heehee. Classic.

Went home around 9-ish. Paid the rent when I got back. Then put in some laundry. I was in bed by 9:30pm!!!! Although, at around 11pm, my roomie decided to do some vacuuming. It was at this point, I realized that I want to live by myself. Since I was awake and my laundry was finally finished washing, I decided to go ahead and hang it up to dry. Which I am glad I did now. Thankfully, it didn't take me too long to fall back asleep. And stay asleep....until 6am. Then until 9am. It was nice to sleep so much. I needed it or wanted it....whatev. haha.

Last thing I want to say is I hate it when I do something and think, "Hmm...maybe I shouldn't." But of course I do it anyway, and feel like an idiot. This time it wasn't a big deal at least. And really, I shouldn't feel like an idiot. Ok, I'm not going to. There you have it!!! *runs off singing*

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Let me 'splain, no there is too much, let me sum up....

Pago is the brand of juice we now sell at the cafe. The salesman brought us some glasses, sugar, pens, etc. for us to use. :D That is why they get the pic below.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


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Monday, October 24, 2005


Oh man! Oh man! Oh man!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance* Today we had a guest sent by the top guy in EN.....he is an architect and came to check out our cafe and give us some input on it. He is from New Zealand, so that off the bat makes him cool. Great accent! Why am I excited about that? Well, he came to the cafe, had some coffee and checked it all out. Later, Blake called and said we made a good impression and that he would like to come back sometime. AND not only him, but his friends......The Newsboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Earlier I was thinking, "wouldn't that be SO cool if they came to Split....and we could all go for dinner and then coffee after?!" heehee. Maybe it will REALLY happen. EEEEEEE!!!! *jump around* Oh man!!!! Oh man!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2005


So if I am so tired, why am I posting on here? Good question. haha! It is because it helps me to process and unwind. Today was a good day. Went to the cafe at 1:30pm to open up. Brandon was sick, so we had shorter hours today. Tonight went well. A bit crazy, but that is usual. There is some scary movie on....Insomnia, I think. It isn't so scary, but a bit um....unsettling. Good thing I'm not really paying attention to it.

Yay!! The bathroom is all nice and warmed up for me to take a nice hot bubble bath. Earlier I was thinking, I just want to go home and go to sleep, and then want a bubble bath. Well then, I shall have one!!!! yippee!!! You kids have fun.....catch ya on the flip side! :D

Why does my heart feel so bad?

You'd think I'd be over it by now. In a way, I thought I was. But when I can't even read about it without crying - I'm not over it. Mentally, yes.....but my heart still hurts. It takes time for dreams to die. Pain that needs to be healed. But I don't know how to heal it. I laid it down, I let it go. It isn't something that is constant. Just when I hear about it or read about it. (which thankfully isn't often) A pang in my hope deferred that makes the heart sick. Haven't I given up that hope? Or maybe I simply burried it. Or maybe it isn't that at all.....maybe I'm too introspective. Maybe I need to just let the tears come, let them wash it all away. To let it go in that moment. To trust. Yes, to trust and not lose heart.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


We had a quite a late crowd at the cafe tonight, so it was a long day for me. Got a bit of bad news.....turns out all the Hoyby's are sickypoo. :( So, tomorrow I am on my own again. It is ok though, we can have shorter hours. yay! :) Hmmm....thought there was more interesting and entertaining things for me to post, but I guess not. Time for nite-nite!!!! Toodles!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I AM NOT SORRY!!!!!!! And I will NOT apologize!!!

Last night I had a revelation of sorts. Marin, Denis and I were rehearsing the songs we are going to sing on Sunday night (for the North Point team). We were practicing a song and I was thinking, "Too bad I can't harmonize. Sure, I can learn the part and then sing it, but I can't just 'hear' it on my own." You see, I've always wished I could harmonize by ear. My mom can. She can hear a song and play it on the piano....just like that. *snaps fingers* Essentially, throughout my life I have felt bad about it and would always apologize about it or explain it away to people all the while feeling somehow "less than." Now here is where the revelation comes in: God spoke something to my heart in that moment. Call me crazy, I don't care. He did. It was like a breath of fresh air. He said, "Don't you think if I had wanted you to have that gift, I would have given it to you? You don't have to apologize about it." (or rather, "Stop apologizing about it.") It was like He took a big rock from me that I hadn't even realized I had been carrying around. Freedom. To be who I am and not for one second apologize about that. Yes, we all need to learn and grow and become more like Jesus. This I know. Yet in the meantime, I can revel in the fact that I am His child. He made me. He chose me. He LIKES me!!!!!! And He never grows weary of loving me with a love so amazing, so rich, so deep, so unfailing.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Mondays don't have to be bad!!!

It is a beautiful clear day today, but cold. The bura is blowing and autumn is well on its way to Split. The Hoybachs are on their way to Venice and here I am holding down the fort. Let's hope this is a nice, quite, uneventful week. :D Today has been a good day! Although I am feeling a bit tired, but I had a good night's sleep last night.....well, for the most part. Hmm...anyway....maybe it is just sympathy tiredness. heehee. Or I need a nap....or both.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Last night I slept great! yay! Plus since it is Sunday, I got to sleep in. However, I did wake up in time to watch Columbo. :) My lunch is almost ready and later I will make some cookies to take to church. And then church....I have childcare tonight. :-s yikes! haha. nah, it will be ok. ;) That's all from me for now. ta ta!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh thunderbird!!!

It is 5:33am........I have been up for two hours and I went to bed at 1am. Not again for the love!!!! I am supposed to be over the jet lag. :( Now I will try to sleep for another couple of hours. Let's hope it works.

Getting to know you.......getting to know all about you....once again....

It has been a while, but "Getting to know you" is back by popular demand....ok so one person asked me to put it on here. :p whatev...haha! My answers are in bold....leave a comment with your answers. :)

Paper or plastic
Frogs or spiders
Blogger or live journal
Spain or France
Skydive or bungee jump
Mountains or beach
Chocolate or white chocolate (gag me!!)
Tommy Boy or Joe Dirt (hmmmm....this is a toughie)
Sugar or Spice
Madagascar or the Bahamas
Blue or green
Green or yellow
yellow or red
red or pink
pink or purple
Cook or clean
Vanilla or chocolate (ice cream)
Beef or chicken
Chicken or fish
Donkey or horse
East or west
North or south
Hot or cold
Basketball or football ahem....real football....the American kind :P
Football or baseball
Baseball or basketball
Curtains or blinds
Couch or sofa

some of these are reposted from before....but i couldn't think of any....i'll have to get back to you with more. haha!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oh my goodness!!! I was updating my blog and someone gave me a HUG just now! woohooo!

I feel so real

More scooby snacks up for grabs, folks......this may be difficult, this may be obscure.....the title of this post is a line from a song.....tell me the song and artist and scooby snacks shall be yours.

Today has been a good day.....maybe even very good. Had a decent night's sleep last night. :) Woke up and came into the cafe. Brandon and the fam went to Krka since Allison's parents are in town. So, I (yay me!) got to open up. It never got TOO busy, but we were busy enough. Oh! And I had a good hair-day today! Well, ok....maybe "good" is too strong of a word.....hmmm....maybe decent would be better.....I've had a decent hair-day today. (yay me again!!) [side note: I am listening to a cd a friend made me and just realized that track 14 stops quite abruptly.....although I have listened to the cd "several" times....I never noticed this before.....hmm....actually someone mentioned earlier today while it was being played, but I hadn't noticed it. Anyway, it has me wondering if the track is just that way, or if a bit of the song has been cut off. Alas, we may never know. *pauses for a moment of silence*] Toni and Matko came in for coffee today and they played a bit of X-box (which is far superior to Playstation, btw). It was fun to chat a bit with them.....they are great guys!! What else? [another side note: now listening to track 16....this song is kinda depressing and is that a speak and spell they are using in this part?! It isn't the fact that the song is slow.....the words seem depressing and quite a feeling of hopelessness is conveyed. Ohohohohoh!!!! Now it is track of my favourites on the CD!!! *starts song from the beginning* The first bit of this song is brilliant. Brilliant I tell ya!!! (said in Scottish accent) Maybe someone will dedicate this song to me on the radio someday. Ok, that sounded SO junior high!!! haha!!! Sad but truuuuue!] All closed up at the cafe, time to go home. Looks like an evening of cleaning the kitchen and attempting to defrost the freezer. What fun! However, at 10:15pm CSI is on. Woohoo! I hope it isn't one that I have seen. That happened last was quite anti-climatic. [yet another side note: I am re-playing track 17 heehee] Alrighty then, that is just all you can take for now, because I can see that your eyes are blinking REALLY slowly and your head is nodding as you struggle to read this to the end. But you've made it!!! (yay you!) This is the end for today.

Ok, here it is......

So, I went to google, and in speech marks typed "(your name) needs to" and here is the first link that is listed:

- Davida needs to draft a template for such an agreement and then tailor it foreach chapter we co-host events with.

How boring am I?! hahaha!!!

oh but wait.......let's try "Davida can" heehee

- DAVIDA can expect to have a net profit superior to 6 million pesos (about 600000 US dollars) *yay!!!*
- Davida can hardly contain her glee.
- DavidA can wire it and install it for you
- Maybe Davida can help Me. that would be good.
- davida can you feel your book in print and in your hands *sigh....someday*
- Davida can design a Custom Window Treatment just for you

Try it with your is fun!!! lol

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. Hmm...come to think of it, I'd like some wine with my whine.

Warning: Bitch session to begin in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. So, there I am in the kitchen enjoying my breakfast (which is rare) and reading my new book. :) My roomie is up and getting ready....she comes into the kitchen. I naively expect, "Good are you?" instead I get...."When you cook, shut the kitchen door because the smell goes into the whole apartment." Me and my compliant self say, "Ok." But in reality I am pissed off about it. Hello! I am a grown woman, I can cook with the friggin kitchen door open if I please, dammit!!! (hmm...after re-reading that, I am wondering how much of a "grown woman" I really am....haha) Anyway, this venting has helped and hopefully I am over it. And will try to shut the door when I cook. So there. :p heehee.

Next item: As I am driving out of my street another car enters the road (these terms I use loosely). Normally two cars could pass, no problem, but since it seems there is no parking in this city, cars line one side of the street. Therefore, I must put it in reverse. This I do, but another car pulls up behind me....and then another car pulls behind the guy coming at me. At this moment I realize it is not always a bad thing to NOT have a car. Anyway, I am backing up but the car behind me isn't...much. Anyway, there is a bit of a driveway, so the oncoming car can pass me. The driver takes that as an opportunity to somehow chastise me (this I assume by the tone of his voice because my music is loud and he is speaking in Croatian). I nod in agreement in hopes that he will shut-up and keep driving. And the other guy goes by. All is right with the world. I turn up the volume a bit more and drive away.

Ok, all better now. *big smiles* It helps to get it actually has been a great day and I am happy to be here. *happy dance*

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Thunder, Lightening and Earthquakes

And rain. Lots of rain. :) That was my day. Woke up this morning to the sound of thunder which sounded like invading armies. haha! Then it was grey and rainy ALL day. Yay! I loved it. :) I was sitting on the couch this morning and thought I heard some more thunder but then I FELT it. And thought a big truck drove by....but then realized that a big truck couldn't fit down the street I live on....that is when I realized it was an earthquake. It was a bit frightening, not that things started cracking or falling off the wall, but because it is quite unsettling to have your house shaking. Especially when it is made of cement. The houses here in Split are nothing to be sneazed at....they are built to endure the Bura (strong northern wind), so to feel my house moving like that, not pleasant. Anyway, thankfully, it wasn't that strong and all is well.

In other news: I leave for the conference tomorrow and will be back on Sunday....the same day my roomie is moving in. :) She actually moved in a couple of weeks ago, but that was just for her exam and then she went back home. Classes start on the 17th, so she is coming to get ready for that. Oh! That reminds me....MY class starts on the 17th as well. I wonder when and where it will be. hahahaha!!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

1. How many DAYS old are you? 10639
2. Gwen Stefani... better solo or with No Doubt? No Doubt
3. Romantic Suicide... good band name... yes or no? bad band name & bad idea
4. What's your worst nightmare? usually involves someone chasing me
5. If you could go back and relive one time in your life what would it be? some nice part of my childhood i guess......but apparently the summer of 1997 might be nice as well....heehee.
6. Playstation or X Box? X box
7. Random thought of this very moment? pffft play word: Halo
8. Barry Manilow or Rod Stewart? Neil Diamond
9. What's your favorite Disney movie of all time? At the risk of sounding like a copy cat, The Fox and the Hound.....but Lady and the Tramp is a good one too....ooh...and Cinderella.
10. Shark's Tale or Finding Nemo? Finding Nemo
11. Ja Rule or Dmx? Neil Diamond
12. Your first home address you remember? Sunflower Drive, Windsor, CO USA
13. If you could take a road trip to ANYwhere, where would you end up? did someone say "road trip" :D i think it would have to be an amazing world tour ending up back at home
14. Finish this sentence...... The sky in my world is black with countless stars on a crisp and clear might want to take a jacket.
15. Would you rather be blind or deaf? i can't ever decide on this one......
16. What is you favorite time of day? mostly anything but early morning
17. Would you eat 25 hissing cockroaches for 25,000?? not for $250,000...not in a house, not with a mouse....i do not like them sam i am
18. Why is the lion the king of the jungle when the elephant is so much bigger? cuz he is meaner
19. If you couldn't find a shirt in your FAVORITE color what other color would you pick? pink
20. What is your 5th favorite color? green
21. Bath or Shower? usually shower, but like a nice bath when possible
22. Candles & bubble bath or hot boy/girl and tepid water? candles and bubble bath
23. Would you rather be handcuffed or duct taped? handcuffed
24. How many CD's do you own that are NOT burned from the computer or another cd? not very many....maybe 50?
25. In your opinion...... what IS the point of porn? I don't know.
26. Sing Language or Morse Code? morse code......dit dit dit da da da dit dit dit da
27. Fire, Water, OR Firewater??? fire
28. Who would you rather play with me or yourself?? if we can play barbies, then with you
29. Paper or Plastic? paper
30. Newest random thought of the moment? a nice warm duvet......hmmm.......
31. Which you rather do for an hour...stand on one foot or on your head? Stand on one foot.
32. Purple Rain or Under The Cherry Moon? Purple Rain
33. Favorite number over 100? eleventy billion
34. Would you rather live in a bubble or a cage? bubble
35. Can you use chopsticks or play chopsticks? both
36. Would you rather be able to eat fire or swallow swords? Swallow swords
37. Have you ever driven the wrong way down a one way street? Yes.
38. Have you ever played hotel tag? no.
39. If your name was a symbol what would it be?? an exclamation point....because if you haven't noticed...i can be kinda dramatic....heehee.
40. Name one person you would like to have dinner with? my family
41. Noon or Midnite? Midnight
42. Would you rather have sex on the washing machine during then spin cycle or on the space odyssey at an amusement park? ummm......can i get back to you on this?
43. Wal-Mart or Target? Target
44. Least amount of money would it take for you to paint your skin pink for a week? $15,000....or a new car. :D
45. Would you ever tattoo your bf/gf's name on your body? No, but i kinda would like to get a tattoo
46. Would you rather be a famous singer or an actor? singer
47. Do you like total randomness? at random intervals, yes
48. If you could pick anyone to kiss at midnite on new years eve (who you weren't in a relstionship, like anyone in the world) like ANYONE, in the ENTIRE world?! would be someone who would pick me to kiss at midnight on new years eve, cuz i don't like to make the first move
49. Last random thought of the moment? there will definately be no one to kiss this new year's eve
50. First word that pops in to your head? tangerine

Oh man, what a day!

Got up at out of the house before 10:30am....which for me is unheard of because Sunday 10:30am is Columbo time. heehee. Anyway, went and got some plants for the planters at the cafe. There were some "gaps" where the old plants had been. No, the old plants didn't die....they were stolen. Sad, but truuuuue. Then went to the airport to pick up my pastor and his family. It is sooooo good to have them back!! After we dropped them off, I went to get the car washed because I couldn't get it done before. Don't ask. Hmm....then came home to get clothes to change into for church and thought to call my friend Denis to see if he had a guitar to bring tonight. (he is playing while Elton is gone) So he didn't and so I needed to walk to the Condado's place to pick up the guitar. However, I had everything planned out....enough time to sweep and mop at the cafe, plant the new plants, change and meet Denis to practice....until I found out that I had to get the guitar....walking there and back to the cafe. About to press the panic button...I called Brandon....he said to just drive back to the cafe with thier car. What a novel idea. That all worked out and had the floors done and the plants planted when Denis called (a few minutes after we were supposed to meet). He had missed his bus. Thankfully, I had the car so I went and picked him up. We arrived back at the cafe at 5:05pm. We are supposed to start at 5pm. However, thankfully it worked out and I even had time to change and we practiced. It all worked out, even though it wasn't according to my plan. The world didn't fall off of its axis and I didn't freak out. Yay me!! Now it is time to relax and enjoy my evening. :D

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